2010 Sprint and Sprint Veloce market review

As usual there were fewer Sprints than Spiders.  Other than some repeat customers, it was a lot of cars coming out of hiding.  Looks like you need to get in to the high teens money-wise to get into something that moves under its own power.   As usual they are presented in order of cheapest to most expensive.

Market 262 was Sprint 10105 20827, for sale out of Pennsylvania for $750 -probably the cheapest Sprint of the year.

Market 236 was Sprint 10105*20051 which changed hands for about $800.

Market 185 was Sprint 750B 07448, a rust-free, parts-free hulk dragged out of the Tex-Mex desert, photographed 1423 times and then sold on eBay for $1575.  A happy ending for everyone concerned.

Market 270 was Sprint 1300 10102*350206 who did a couple of turns on eBay, reaching a high of $4459.44 but not meeting reserve.

Market 260 was Sprint 10102*155977, a rusty project paired with a pretty serious looking race prepped 1750 that made $4500.

Market 272 was this unidentified Sprint out of the French country-side.  Asking price was 3500 Euro’s -about $4600.  Ad was pulled shortly after I listed it.  I assume it sold for asking.

Market 257 was Sprint 750B 05931 -a challenging project for $5000 obo.

Market 202 was an unidentified first series 750B with an asking price of $6800.

Market 228 was nose-job Sprint 10102 22315, selling for $7100.

Market 255 was Sprint 750B 03396 with incorrect grills, selling for $7900.

Market 276 was Sprint 10105 20004, failing to sell for a high bid of $8522.

Market 251 was Sprint 750B 01365, a car that had sat in bare metal in a barn for along long time that sold for $8995.

Market 152 was Sprint 750B 08631, frequently changing hands for slightly more each time before ending at basically $9999 and in the hands of Bob who has been asking  questions all over the Alfa web presence about how to do this and that and where such and such parts can be found -so much so that I think this may actually be a finished restoration as I write.

Market 264 was Sprint 750B 04386 out of Sweden for 9000 Euro’s, just under $12,000 when I wrote the post.

Mercado 237 was Sprint 10102 21176 in Mexico with an asking price of $12,500.

Market 187 was a typically neglected and now overpriced at about $13,000 Sprint known as 10102 22255.

Market 184 was Sprint 750B 02880 which sold as a partner with another for $13,499 (less than half the $27,000 asking).

Market 189 was Sprint 750B 01996, for sale out of Italy for $14,500.  Hmmm.

Market 193 is Sprint 10102 161329 available in South Africa for $16,000.

Market 168 was a repeat sale of Sprint 750B 06702 reaching about $17,500.

Market 179 was Sprint 750B 05372 for an asking price of $19,500.

Market 44 was Sprint 10105 22433 which failed to sell on eBay for about $20,000 reserve not met.  Asking price was $29,000 which, when you look at the cars here around it here, seems high.

Market 274 was this very nice Sprint (10105*20386) out of Southern California.  High bid, without reserve met was $20,101.  Should sell for somewhere in the high twenties to low thirties with some follow-up sale efforts and better pictures.

Market 243 was Sprint 750B*01682 with an asking price of $22,000.

Market 195 was this Sprint 750B 08477 with a vent window, that was bid to $22,850, but failed to sell.

Market 210 was Sprint 10105 22515, a three time seller which was amazingly transformed and sold for $23,100.

Market 240 was Sprint 750B 08689 on wire wheels which failed to sell for the high bid of $25,450.

Market 256 was Sprint 10102*158831 with an asking price of $29,000.

Market 104 was the resale of Sprint 10102*160784 out of England and all done up for racing.  $32,000 is/was the asking.

Market 273 was Sprint Veloce 750E 06930- a repeat customer that was Market 72 but deserves another listing since it’s been fixed up quite a bit.  Has yet to sell on eBay but the asking is $32,500 -should sell for $30k or slightly less when someone finally gets serious about it -it’s a matching numbers Veloce after all…

Market 249 was a Sprint 1600 in a neat color out of Italy with an asking price of 25,000 euro’s or about $32,800.

Market 241 was Sprint 750B 07790 for $38,800.

Market 178 was An RHD 1600 Sprint out of Britain with an asking price of $44,500.

Market 203 was Sprint 1600 385086, offered by RM out of Monaco with an estimated high price of about $46, 100.

Market 245 was Sprint 10102*157933 for $59,200 from the same seller as Market 246.

Market 246 was Sprint 10102*350073 in Germany for $63,200.  The highest priced late Sprint Normale I’ve seen.

Market 136 is Lightweight 750E 04447, offered by Fantasy Junction for $154,500.

There you go.  Good to see good cars going for good money.

2009 Sprints

2009 Sprint Veloces

2008 Sprints

2008 Sprint Veloces


6 thoughts on “2010 Sprint and Sprint Veloce market review

  1. Hi I know some of the old sprints where appreciating but had no idea they where so expensive now.
    what of the Sprint speciale? there is so little on the web of these cars,
    all the very best to you for 2011
    kind regards

  2. I can’t help but note that almost all of the entries are for later (101 series, at least as far as the body goes) Sprints. What does this say? Are the early Sprints that much rarer, are people hanging onto them, or…? Food for thought. Thanks for cataloging this valuable information. Happy new year! –Dave

    • ~6000 first series 750B’s versus about ~18,000? later. Hoffman didn’t start bringing them in in any big numbers until the 101’s were out. I think the 750B’s are spread more evenly around the world…


  3. Hi Matt,

    Happy new year! Thanks again for posting all this valuable information in an organized and readable manner. It’s always a pleasure to read your insights and opinions.

    — Per

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