2010 Spider and Spider Veloce market review

2010 saw a lot of Spiders change hands around the world, from the roughest of the probably-impossible projects to the top of the market concours trailer queens. I did my best to take little snapshots as they passed with pictures matched to vin numbers and sale prices, but I probably missed a bunch. Anyway, here they are, cheapest to most expensive. Where no sale price was recorded I made an educated guess.  Last year I had more time so I did the Veloce’s separate -this year they are combined.  Lot of cars this year!

Market 230 was abomination “Jiuliet Spider Velosh” 750F*04640 selling for $1136.

Market 221 was Spider 750D 03746 selling for $1276.51.

Market 278 was Spider 750D 03133 was prepped for a V8 before the project stalled and it ended up on eBay, selling for $2749.99.

Market 265 was Spider Veloce 10125*10189, essentially a parts car going for $2850.55.

Market 186 was rusty Spider 10103 170124, selling for about $3000.

Market 252 was Spider 10104*09081 selling for $3950 (I think).

Market 277 was this unidentified project selling for $4550.

Market 231 was this rusty roller 750D 06844 which was being offered for $4950.

Market 183 was Spider 10103 169178, failing to sell for $4995.  Picture to the left, the best overall view photo from the auction set tells a lot as to why.

Market 233 was Spider 750D 01440, a project which sold for somewhere around $5000.

Market 199 was Spider 750D 06473, failing to sell for the eBay high bid of $5101.

Market 234II and 234 was Spider 750D 05223, a repeat customer from eBay selling for about $5500.

Market 205 was Spider 10103 10359, unsold for $8500.

Market 227 was this racer 10103/4 09363, selling on eBay for $8601.50,

Market 214 was Spider 1600 10123 372577 which sold twice by different owners, both on eBay, first for $12,850, then a second time for $10,850.

Market 188 was this Spider 10123 372427out of Italy for about $12,000.

Market 235 was Spider 750D 03571, a good project that sold for $12,100.

Market 212 was 1 and 1/2  1600 Spider Veloce’s 390255 and 390245, the pair selling for $12,200.

Market 154 was the saga of the Italian repatriotization of Spider 10103 10862 for re-export at a price of $12,478.

Market 223 was Spider 10104 08359, failing to sell on eBay after being bid to $12,634.01.

Market 254 was Spider 10103*171756, a California Black Plate barn find in great shape selling for a reasonable $13,900.

Market 215 was Spider 750D 01323, a decent driver no selling for an eBay high bid of $14,600.

Market 204 was Spider 10103 10301, a decent driver selling for $14,801.

Market 176 was Spider Veloce 750F 05693 selling on eBay for $16,751.

Market 225 was Spider 10123 379425 which sold for $16,850 out of Washington state.

Market 238 was Spider Veloce 750F 03326 selling for about $18,500.

Market 102 was Spider Veloce 10107 167587 selling for about $20,000.

Market 258 was this nice looking Spider (10103*170285) with a rod knock that failed to sell for $20,100 after a run on eBay.

Market 180 was Spider Veloce 10107 171715, selling for $21,100 after a flurry of bidding.

Market 239 was Spider 750D 05488 failing to sell for $22,200 with a follow up Buy it Now asking of $35,000.

Market 248 was Spider 750D*00418 in the Netherlands for about $23,000.

Market 263 was Spider 10103*167419, selling after a few tours of eBay for $23,995.

Market 201 was Spider 10123 373471, selling out of Florida for about $23,000.

Market 261 was Spider 10123*375767 out of Buffalo NY selling for $26,211.

Market 211 was Spider 750D 06116, selling for $26,450.

Market 266 was Spider Veloce 1600 10118*390717, reaching $27,000 but without reserve being met.  The big hold-up here is the lack of the correct 00121 prefixed Veloce engine.

Market 209 was Spider 750D 07104, selling for $27,201.

Market 217 was Spider 10103 09331, a good car with an excellent auction selling for $28,600.

Market 213 was Spider 750D 01503, a repeat seller that kept increasing in price for no good reason, finally ending up with a classic car hobbyist/dealer for $29,500.

Market 200 was Spider 10104 08888, sold by Hyman for $29,500.

Market 162 was Spider 10123 373358- the rare ingenuous eBay auction that a dealer finds, buys and tacks a hefty ‘I was there’ tax on and resales for a profit -in this case ending at about $30,000 when the dust cleared.

Market 182 was Spider Veloce 750F 06721, out of Italy for $30,001.

Market 275 was this nicely refreshed Spider (10103/4 1495*08598) out of California, on eBay as I prepare this review.  Sold once for $39,000 Buy it Now, but was relisted and currently sits at about $20K.  Lets split the difference and figure it will eventually sell for somewhere in the low to mid $30K’s.

Market 197 was BringaTrailer exclusive 1600 Spider 10123 392337 which changed hands a few times the last time for around $32,500.

Market 232 was this race car which sold for $33,000.

Market 229 was 1600 Veloce 10118 390171 with an asking price of $35,000.

Market 174 was Spider 10103 08393, being listed many times with a final Hail Mary Buy it Now attempt at $38,000.  Not sure if it sold.

Market 220 was Spider Veloce 750F 05388 selling for $39,500.

Market 253 was Spider Veloce 10107*10201 with an asking price of $39,875.

Market 206 was Spider 10103 370931, one of the last 1300’s, that sold for $45,400.

Market 247 was Spider 750D 07183 for $52,000 out of Germany.  A lot of money but a nice car.

Market 181 was Spider Veloce 750F 01942 selling for a reasonable $60,000.

Market 244 was Spider 750D*00724 selling at auction for about $75,000.

Market 177 was Spider 10123 379814, selling for an unprecedented for this sub-model price of just over $80,000 at auction.

Market 222 was Spider 750D 00007, a prototype selling for near the asking price of $225,000, and headed to Milan.

Lots of red cars this year!

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One thought on “2010 Spider and Spider Veloce market review

  1. Hi good info as i have a concours 101 spider and although its not for sale its good to know the rough prices of the cars sold and for sale,
    do you have a listing for the giulia SS?
    Dave ward

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