Market 275: Refreshed red Spider in California

Giulietta Spider 10103/4 1495*08598. This car is on eBay right now out of Moss Beach California.  Seller describes as it as a street quality restoration -I’d call it more of a refresh, but either way it’s a nice car with no immediate needs and the bones to be a really nice car with some attention to detail focused fiddling.

Paint almost looks wet.  Door and hood shut lines look really good.  Chrome is described as all new.  A Ducati 900 SS beside it?

Trunk fits well.  Passenger door looks to be ajar.  This plate was probably assigned to it in about 72 or 73.  Not sure how Aaron feels about blue and yellow plates -he’d probably make an exception if it meant this car was in his garage.

Very nice, I like.

Very cool Nardi wheel and the gauges look good too.

Might be some overspray (underspray?) to take care of under here.  Not a view you see often unless you blow a fuse.

Probably the biggest problem with this car is the engine compartment not being body color.  Most of the guys that would shell out nearly $40,000 for this car will want it to be right -including the engine compartment paint color.  Weber is a nice addition.

Trunk paint looks good.  As always -get pictures of the battery area.

This car can be yours for a mere $39,000 buy it now.  Auction is at $19,600 with 7 bids as I write.  Look for a reserve in the thirties.


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