Market 273: Sprint Veloce from Market 72

Giulietta Sprint Veloce 750E 1493*06930, 1315*31248. This car, on eBay right now, first hit the giuliettas dot com radar in December of 2008 with Market 72 -a racer that had a little mishap in the parking lot ending up with it running into a trailer.  As it is presented now, the bodywork up front has been done and the car resprayed along with some light detailing.  Asking price has been upped from $28,000 to $32,500.

The car looks to have been lowered since the last time it appeared for sale.  Repairs to the front look pretty good as does the paint -though it’s very hard to tell the quality of a white paint job from pictures.

Yeah -the fender over here looks a whole lot better!  Front end trim looks a little dull -I wonder why?

Looks pretty good from this angle -would want to see it in person before I bid.

The whole car has seen fresh paint.  Questions like whether the windows came out need to be answered.

This is why the window is missing on this side.

Lots of wrong going on here.  Makes me wonder what’s up with the gas tank.  There is no picture of it from the underside.

Interior is a basic ‘start from scratch’ affair with the wrong seats, no carpet, rear view mirror from a spider etc.  Not really suitable for racing or a restored car.

While there is a lot to complain about under here it should be noted that the most important thing -the matching engine is presentAll a restorer needs now is a couple grand worth of intake system parts…

Positive ID.

And the underbelly.

This car is being pushed in the road car direction but needs a lot to get there in any kind of good condition.  The price makes more sense now than it did with the nose crunched but is still a bit high. 


4 thoughts on “Market 273: Sprint Veloce from Market 72

  1. Nice to see new posts on!

    Regarding the chrome up front, the ad on eBay explains why it looks dull: “The nose trim on the front of the car is a silver-matte finish and could be chrome-plated by the next owner if desired.” I actually kind of like the matte finish.

  2. Agreed, good to see a post! The LCs have held my attention lately but the Alfa is back in mine mind. So many cars, so little…time, money, garage space, tools, etc.

    The burger group missed you, see you in 2011!!

  3. I actually have an old black and white New England club newsletter photo from about a dozen years ago showing this car in racing livery. It was where I got the idea for the dark blue stripes on my white Sprint. Should have bought this car the first time it hit ebay at $10g. Guess we can’t have them all.

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