Market 276: Good 101 Sprint project 20004

Giulietta Sprint 10105 1493*20004. I didn’t write about this one while it was active, but it went unsold after 16 bids brought it to $8522.  Very original interior remains and all in all the seller is correct that this should be a straight forward project.  Heck, maybe just do the brakes, clean out the carb and go for it!

Yep, metallic black.  No, really.  Rockabilly-bling!

Looks fine.  Door ding is going to be fun to fix.  I wonder what happened to the rocker trim?

Carpet has faded as has the seat centers but I’d be tempted to stabilize this and use as is.

Vroom.  No indication if this is the original one.  I’m going to guess it is.

Positive ID.  Alfa records say it was originally white but It looks to have been gray.

This means there is probably odd rot all over this car to discover and fix.  Discovery should happen prior to writing a check for the car.

Cool car, close in number to mine.


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