Market 271: early SS racer in Italy

Giulietta SS 10120*00215. This car is listed on Luzzago at the moment out of Italy.  It has been modified quite a bit for racing but looks as though the removal of some decals and moving toward a more stock interior might yield a fun street racer.

Headlight covers aren’t my thing and the grill is from who knows what, but under here is an SS.

Wheels look to be period magnesium/aluminum items.  I kind of like the sliding side windows.  Yeah -way too many decals on this thing.

Baby has got back.  I like it without the button, bumpers or anything else out back.

A place to start for the semi-purist like me.  Door panel peeking in on the passenger side is not to my taste but is easily fixed.  Gauges are good, carpet looks nice -just add repro SZ style seats.

Don’t expect to bring much.  Nice hold down on the fuel cell.

Vroom.  Later style intake stuff under here.  I wonder what this weighs with all the hardware missing.

Hello my name is…

If you want one to mess around with -without worrying about moving away from originality this may be the way to go for you. 


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