Market 268: SS project in France

Giulia SS. This project is currently available in France.  I have to assume it’s not complete or they would have shown more pieces.  Anyone here care to send me a translation of the ad?

Was red.  Note there is a lot of the car missing below the A pillar in front of the door jamb.  Maybe a door in the car?

Good thing they buzzed all the paint off the aluminum hood.

There are a lot of parts here but none of it is the hard to find SS specific stuff.

Car is not priced -anyone contacted the seller?


7 thoughts on “Market 268: SS project in France

  1. Matt, I think it says “comes with French regsitration. Chassis very corroded – and selling all parts for Alfa SS Giulia”

  2. Ad reads:
    –>price: not communicated
    –>with French registration card – body is very rusty – will sell any Alfa SS Giulia parts
    –>ad date: oct. 23rd
    –>reference: published on (Ref. web29128)
    –>visible in: Loiret (150+ km south of Paris)
    –>contact number: +33672844289 [that is a mobile phone number]

    btw: yours is a great site

  3. It says exactly as Matt says above. There is a phone number in the ad. I will be pleased to call if you tell me what you want to know.

  4. Hello,
    Ad starts with “empty shell” so there are no doors or trunk lid ore any other pieces than shown in the picture. I guess it’s just the left-over of another car rebuilding.
    Seller indicates he has more parts for this car to sell, not included in this offer. Makes quite an odd impression on me.

  5. ..and i could actually visit this car and seller, if some one were interested enough in it to make arrangements with the seller…i am currently in portugal, on my way back “home” to bretagne, france (from the motogp at estoril)’s a bit out of my way back to the finistere, but for a serious potential fellow SS owner, i could make the effort……1960 SS #168

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