Market 104: 101 Sprint Racer in Italy

Update 10/26/10: This charmer has found its way to the UK and can now be had for the same money it was before.

Most of the stickers have gone -two tone is still a little odd but works for a race prepped car.

Original post 4/8/2009: Giulietta Sprint 10102*160784. This racy fellow is available now on Classic Driver for 21,950 pounds (about $32,000 at time of writing) from a private seller in Italy.   If you are looking for a Sprint that’s not too dear to take racing this might be the right car for you.  I’ve been thinking about going racing in my local vintage racing scene and this is the sort of car I would build.

bigbPaintwork looks great as does all the trim.  I’d be tempted to remove some of the grills.  I like the color combination.

bigcIt looks like they started with a very clean car judging by the door and lid fit.  The front corner marker lights seen here are common to Giulia Supers.  I like the blanked off front bumper mount look.

bigdThe rear end has definitely seen some skilled fabrication.  The lip that the bumper covers has been removed, the flat on the trunk lid where the plate goes has been removed along with the bumper mounts and hole for the trunk latch.  I’m surprised they kept the reflectors under the tail lights.

bigeThese are 105 wheels and appear to be 15″.

biggNot horrible as far as race interiors goes.  Note the absence of a glove box lid.  I wonder how much weight was saved.  At least they stuck with original door handles.

bigfDash pod looks pretty neat from this angle.  All I see is a tri-gauge and tach.  Maybe the speedopmeter is the digital item on the dash.

bigkThe vin above a blanking plate over the heater duct.

bighThe business.  Advertisement says it is built to Veloce specification.  I wonder which flavor of Veloce.  1600 I suppose.  I need a straight run of radiator hose like that seen here for my Sprint.

bigiAnother view of the business.  Note the crossover plate between the Webers.

This looks like a well prepared racecar put together tastefully.    Obviously you would want to see dyno results and to take it for a drive on the track if you were serious about it.


1 thought on “Market 104: 101 Sprint Racer in Italy

  1. Does anyone have photos of the Fred Van Beuren Alfas raced at Sebring 1958, 59, 60, 61. Especially interested in his Alfas, serial numbers, etc. Any info appreciated. Ed McDonough
    Chairman AROC UK

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