Markt 259: Nice Giulietta SS in the US

Update 10/19/10: This car is now on eBay and features a lot of pictures.  Also, I had the VIN wrong -it’s 10120*177423 (link is to more pictures) with engine number 00120*01775.  I wonder if the seller from Hemmings knew they were selling it to a dealer?

Update 10/4/10: Driversource bought this car, gave it a polish and now you can buy it from them for $59,500.

Update 9/9/10: I have received word that this car has been sold.  You snooze you lose!

Giulietta Sprint Speciale 10120*177423, 00120*01775. This car is for sale right now on Hemmings out of Belleville Michigan for $50,000 -not bad for a nice original car, just under 40K Euro’s.

Hello Gorgeous!  I like them in white.  Corner marker lights look a little far back on the fender, but maybe the one’s I’ve seen are too far forward.

White Giulietta’s tend to have blue and gray interiors -a somewhat restrained combo but very elegant.  I’m not excited about the floor mats but appreciate that they are there to protect the carpets.

I was interested to read in the parts book that the 101 Veloce engines used the 4 blade aluminum fans after the rest went to 5 blade plastic on the rest.  Everything looks correct and well cared for.

While this may seem like a lot of money I can tell you -as someone who has tried- that it’s easier to start with a nice car that you can barely afford than a cheap project that takes up a chunk of your remaining youth trying to get to the point of being roadworthy.  This car is a good deal!


7 thoughts on “Markt 259: Nice Giulietta SS in the US

  1. I judged this car at Eyes on Design last Father’s Day; placed it first in the Alfa Romeo category because it is as good as it looks here (if not better). It beat out a brand new 8C, Spiders, GTVs etc. not because it’s perfect but because it’s a beautiful, highly original example of exquisite automotive sculpture in a small package. Ken’s a veteran Alfisti and the car has a great history with him (frankly I’m surprised he’s selling it). At $50K someone is getting an excellent car.

  2. seems like a decent car.. i like them in white. The same seller has a nice sprint for 26k, although i think i would buy the white veloce sprint currently for sale for 34k

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