Market 267: SS in Europe

Update (later the same day): Okay -I know this car because Jay drove it on the Melee in 2000 or 2001.

Giulietta SS. Marko sent me a link to this one.  I get the feeling I’ve seen it before but can’t remember when/where and don’t have time to peruse the last 30 months of markets to find out -I wonder if it’s a local car I was trying to track down last Spring out of Stockton Ca?  It’s listed as a 1962 and by the look of things it is in decent shape though not very original, with a 36,000 Euro asking that makes some sense.

Script in its mouth is odd.  This is pretty close to the effect I was going for with my SS had I followed through with it.  Wheels are later 105 items.  Has a roll bar and the headlight rings don’t look quite right -maybe Fiat 124 items which work fairly well on SS’s.


1 thought on “Market 267: SS in Europe

  1. can anyone point me in the right direction? i need somegood quality photos of the body panels, mine are in need of some new panels,

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