Market 263: Spider 10103… Endless Restoration

Update 10/14/10:Car sold for $23,995 after 21 bids -a good result.

Update 10/11/10: Seller has made the smart move of installing that missing headlight, took some new photos and relisted it.  About 3 days to go and it’s $16,000 as I write.

Update 10/6/10: 23 bids were placed resulting in a high of $17,100 with reserve not met.  I’m not surprised from either end -it’s too far from done to go for more and too much has been invested to let it go for probably less than low $20K’s.

Giulietta Spider 10103*167419, 00102*14739. I’m aware that to call a car a stalled project or endless restoration isn’t very helpful, especially considering it seems to be the norm for a project to go unfinished for years, whether a rusty backyard ‘someday’ car or that concours restoration that would be done if the correct ‘LOBO’ bolts could be found for mounting the steering box, in anycase, this car, on eBay now out of Indiana, is the odd car that despite good intentions and a trickle of resources over the years, seems to have moved nearly perpendicular to a normal restoration path… -a lot remains to be done and redone (sadly) but it has survived, is rust free and includes a lot of really well prepared parts to assemble to it.

Avast ye mateys -where’s me eye patch ARRR.  It’s hard to picture a red Giulietta Spider as a pirate.  Looking not too bad here except the chunk of paint missing from the nose.

That sweet dusky orange glow filtering through the trees makes an otherwise good looking car look great.  Door shut lines are nearly invisible.  Ride height is a bit up for me.

The shadows and reflections make it look slightly crooked here.  Shows up nicely except that double-barrel pipe.  Yikes.

Might as well pop the lid while were back here.  This gives the new owner something to paint besides that chip on the nose.

This biscuit interior doesn’t look bad -carpet is funky -may just need gluing down or something.  Steering column is red -too bad the new owner couldn’t move that paint to the glove box door.  Steering wheel looks fab -gauges are average.

Just buy the stock rubber mat set already!

Just think of the efficiency -you can strip the valve cover and steering column cover at the same time!  This all looks about average too.

Looks like someone was careless with a propane torch.  Stuff to do here -but like the rest -only if you want.


Hard to find stuff!

Here you go -snap it up… just wait a turn or two for the final price to come down some.  All things considered this would be a rewarding project considering it runs and drives and has no visible rust.


6 thoughts on “Market 263: Spider 10103… Endless Restoration

  1. Ooh, this hits a bit too close to home. My car is almost identical – it’s even missing its headlights right now while I replace the wiring harness!


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