Market 266: Late Spider Veloce

Update 10/10/10: 47 bids resulted in a reserve not met price of $27,000.

Giulia Spider Veloce 10118*390717. This car is on eBay right now out of New Mexico.  It was restored once upon a time by Bobcor to a driver standard with an incorrect engine and some questionable parts combo’s.  Asking price of nearly $40K is more in line with a correct, numbers matching car.  A side note- Fusi lists these Spiders as having an engine with a 00118 prefix -there is no such thing- they came with the same engine as a Giulia SS -with a 00121 prefix.

Passes the wow test -a glossy picture from 10 feet Stance is good, bright work looks nice and the door and hood fit is pretty good.

Paint shows up well and the body lines around the shut lines are very good.  Fergat wheel up front and Borrani out back is not a huge deal but speaks to a half-assed approach to things that would worry me.

Looks good from the back New Mexico plate is not the best color combo with this car.

Trunk would have a rubber mat from new.  Paint appears to have been applied over a rough surface.  Not exemplary but adequate for a driver.

Engine does not have a serial number on the plinth between the distributor and engine mount -someone on the AlfaBB theorized it is a GT Junior engine.  Pity really, as the value in these cars over the normale’s is nearly erased without the correct engine and intake components.  Looks nicely set up for what it’s worth.

The serial number.  Veloce’s of this series didn’t have the ‘F’ since the serial prefix 39xxxx denotes Veloce.

Interior -especially the gauges- looks great.  Mirror is not the right one for a Spider this late.

This all looks average for a painted-over-in-black underside.

Normale oil pan.  Koni’s.  Nose looks great.

Let the market decide on a car like this.  Maybe the high bidder has an appropriate 00121 engine.  Either way it’s a nice example to begin with.


4 thoughts on “Market 266: Late Spider Veloce

  1. hi the 101 cars had engine starting 112 the ss was 121
    the only difference between the 112 and the 121 was the top of the engine, the block was as far as i know standard for the two engines.
    I may be wrong though

    • They were both made from the same block casting -not sure if there were different machining steps between the two. The real point is that there are lots of 00112 stamped blocks in the world and about 2400 00121.


    • My Veloce is a matching number car and my engine number starts with 121 – that’s the only correct number for Giulia Spider Veloce and Giulia SS. Best regards.

      Great site by the way- very helpful to appraise cars on the market. Greetings from germany and best regards Roland

      • Thanks Roland -I try and stay on top of the cars on the market -that alone is a full time endeavor.


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