Market 265: Not only did it not sleep…

Update 10/6/10: Despite several long time Giulietta experts chiming in to say it wasn’t worth more than $500, the auction ended at $2850.55 after 4 bids.  The condition of the drive train will dictate whether this is a good deal or not.  I reckon a good 00106 block with all its original stuff in usable condition would go for about what this car went for.

Giulietta Spider Veloce 10125 1495*10189, 00106. This rusty shamble of a Spider is on eBay right now out of York, PA.  Buy it now price is a reasonable $3500 considering the parts it will provide.  With Spider Veloce’s regularly changing hands over $50K these days maybe it’s a viable project for some adventurous soul.

I like the custom crash bar.  Lots of rust here.  Is that a hard top for it in the background?

You can get the panels to fix this -would be an epic struggle!  Not much keeping this from breaking in half.  Decent steering wheel.

The goods!  00106 series Veloce engine is not as dear as a 1315*3XXXX or 00120, but has its value.  That intake set-up is probably the gem here.  Probably has Marelli electrics.

Lest it be forgotten.

While I don’t think it’s going to happen, this would be a cool car for some really adventurous sorts to make a TV show about the restoration of.


10 thoughts on “Market 265: Not only did it not sleep…

  1. Based on the condition of the body It should be noted that items such as the veloce air canister and headers are rusted away also. Carbs are probably wasted. The ad does not say that the block is a veloce or that the sump is there. Unless you live close enough to see the car I wouldn’t pay $500 for it. DB

  2. I wonder if anyone can get from Marco some production information? A donor car will be helpful to bring this back if someone is that adventurous. I have seen bad but this is BAD. New car for the register! :)

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