Market 264: 1957 750B Sprint puzzle in Sweden

Update: The UK guy is not the owner AND both door panels are included.  I can still put you in contact with the seller if you want…

Giulietta Sprint 750B 1493*04386. A guy in the UK asks a guy in San Francisco Bay Area to list a car he has stored in Sweden… of course!  This small headlight, matching number 1957 750B project is available now for the reasonable 9000 Euro’s.  Email me (sprints at giuliettas dot com) if you want a direct email address for the seller.

Looks like a Sprint to meDoor fit is great, nose is pretty good and the hood fit is good enough as a place to start.  Kind of an odd color combo with beige and rusty orange wheels -original was Grigio Chiarissimo.  Windows and trim look good.

Repairs around the wheel well or how they made them?  Not bad at all.

Discrete peek under its backside shows all the expected details in all the right places.

Has the correct early intake manifold with the inline thermostat.  Brake fluid reservoir looks bigger than usual.  Under-hood mat retaining strips are present -a good thing.  I wonder if it turns over or runs?  Is that a laundry bottle under there?

Column shift, nice steering wheel and out of place but nice to see hubcap.  Not sure if the mirror glass is original.  Gauge inserts look pretty good.

Parts.  I guess the drivers door panel is not included anymore.  All you aspiring taken-apart car sellers take note -this is how you arrange the parts for pictures!

I have to say that this is one of the best first series 750B’s I’ve had the chance to write about.  I don’t see this lasting so act now if you’ve been in the market for one!


3 thoughts on “Market 264: 1957 750B Sprint puzzle in Sweden

  1. Hello, what is the original color of this car ?

    Shall it be the mysterious (for me) hue Grigio Chiarissimo ? It was only available around 56-57 and replaced then by a metallic paint.

    It seems to be that if I judge looking at the inside paint left.

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