New correct Sprint Speciale wind deflector’s available now!

In the pursuit of perfection, or at least originality, Ben in Austin did some research, compared some original samples and when he knew he had the secret of their original shape uncovered, got some proper wind deflectors made -one for his car and a few extras to sell to SS owners like you to help offset the expense.  I know what you are thinking -lots of Alfa parts retailers carry a flat reproduction of these and they are not expensive -so why go through the trouble?  Thing is, several original deflectors were compared and all had a 15 degree angle back toward the windshield to them, which means they are not simply a flat profile cut from Plexi (or whatever) like the current repro’s available.  Check it out.

Old beside new.  Makes sense that it would be this shape.  Franco was hyper-sensitive to aerodynamic efficiency (you’ve seen the pictures with strips of wool attached to the car at speed on the autostrada) and this bend would create a slightly more slippery shape.  Good work Ben!

The new guy flying solo.  If you contact Ben he’ll sell you one of these.  I don’t know how many he had made, how much they are or if they will ever be available again in the correct shape so I urge you to get one while you can.  I’ll add ‘sold out’ at the top of the page when they are gone.

In his own words from a post on the ever excellent 750/101 yahoo group: “After a 2-year gestation, I have in my hands a batch of new proper Sprint Speciale wind deflectors and am making this part available first to members of this list. This is the “Plexiglas” piece that mounts to the rear of the engine compartment opening and is meant to help keep the windshield wipers on the windshield at higher speeds. These were made with a subtle angle to the piece such that the part of it above the body line with the hood closed is canted back approximately 15 degrees. (See attached picture.) I embarked on the project to make this part because I needed one for my own SS; and since its manufacture with this angle required making a fabrication jig and prototypes, it made sense to make a run of them to help defray the manufacturing costs. I used a complete
original one and a piece of another original one to establish its design. To my knowledge, other than from Alfa Romeo this is the first time that a deflector with the proper mounting angle at the bottom has been available. This piece was fabricated from acrylic by a Midwest plastics firm that specializes in much more complicated plastic shapes for industry, individuals, and military contractors….think helicopter doors, glider canopies, and canopies for vintage “warbirds“ for instance. Since each SS is particular with respect to the holes for the
mounting screws for the piece, these holes are left for you to drill.  Any of you can do this, I’d think, and I will include instructions for doing it properly that were given to me by the manufacturer as well as a small piece of acrylic for you to practice your technique and info on where to buy or how to make a proper drill bit for this material. I will also provide instructions for the proper cleaning and polishing of the piece.If you have any questions or are interested in purchasing one (or more) send me an e-mail off list at b.schotz (at)
Ben Schotz
Austin, TX
PS: I’d rather not get into a discussion here whether the original deflector really had this angle at the bottom where it mounts to the chassis; clearly most of the deflectors on cars today don’t. I have answered the question from several sources to my own satisfaction and am happy for my own purposes to have a deflector with such an angle. PPS: It looks right mounted on the car!”


2 thoughts on “New correct Sprint Speciale wind deflector’s available now!

    • If you’re cool with something that looks like the real thing from 10 feet away then go for it. If I had a nice SS I’d spring for the correct thing.


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