Market 262: 101 Sprint shell in PA

Giulietta Sprint 10105 1493*20827. This car, or at least what’s left of it is available right now in Philadelphia Pennsylvania for $750 obo.  It has been pretty thoroughly stripped  but I see some good stuff still attached including a decent early steering wheel, pedal box, rear end and some trim/headlight parts.  Would make a great 24 hours of Lemons car!  Contact me for more info.

Looks decent for the asking price -straight body with rust etc.  I could use those clear turn signal lenses myself!  I don’t think the engine seen here is included.

Rear end and window glass are valuable.  Rockers look pretty rough.

What happened to this thing?  Steering box and idler are also valuable.

Trunk floor is not as bad as a lot cars I’ve seen -my own Sprint included.

Good stuff here -that wheel would probably bring $300+ on eBay.  Pedal box and wiper motor are nice to have too.

If you are not too far from the seller and have a Sprint project I say go for it.  Good parts here and possibly a viable car for some one with more skills and time than money.


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