Market 234 II: Spider project in Carlsbad

Update 9/16/10 (later the same night): Eagle-eye Anderson has pointed out that this is in fact the same car as Market 234.   I renamed it above…

Giulietta Spider 750D. This project is on Craigslist right now out of Carlsbad California -near San Diego.  Seller is a repeat Giulietta vendor, having sold cars in Markets 95 and 116 whose prices are always fair and usually result in a second or even third sale at an inflated price by a small time dealer.

Not much bad to be seen here other than removed trim and a sense of disrepair.

Seats are there and if the base sticking up on the passenger side is any indication.  Gauges, trim etc are there and probably serviceable but needy if the plan is a full resto.

There’s the deal.  Apart for rebuild -probably in 1967- and stalled then stored.

And some other stuff.

It’s Craigslist -ask for pictures, make a phone call, be cool and maybe you will end up with a decent car if you play it right.

The ad: “Alfa Romeo spider 1958 needs restoration, fairley complete some rust under spare tire but the rest of the floors look pretty good. I have lots of photos if interested I can Email you them. Call Randy 760 2712508”.  Randy -I’ll remove the phone number when the ad is pulled.


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