Market 260: Giulietta SPRINT RACE CAR

Update 9/21/10: $4500 is pretty strong money for this car as parts unless the engine is as fresh and well built as the seller claims.

Giulietta Sprint 10102*155977. If you’re in the Orlando Florida neighborhood and a challenging Sprint project is just the thing for you then this charmer currently on eBay might do the trick.  In truth this is a parts car or the sort of project a passionate but poor giuliettisti might toil on for a few years and maybe take to the level of being doable at some point in the future -either way -it’s not likely to be expensive.  Does come with a fancy engine though.

Here I am -take me.  It’s just sad that this is how what probably would have been a decent car if it had stayed hidden for a generation longer.  Pieces are there, the nose it straight.  Maybe.

Ouch Ouch Ouch.

Yep.  Sorry honey -wow.  Sad thing is, the bondo probably trapped the moisture against the fender.  Yes -I realize the rusted rocker and door visible here disprove my theory.

Nice flairs.  Sort of odd that someone would graft these flairs on a car this rough.  Note Euro lens.

And Euro plate holder.  Trunk fits pretty good all things considered.

No glass included.  I have rear and drivers windows if you buy this and decide to go for it.  Door panel looks original.

Late gauges and mirror are not right for this car, but harder to find than original items.  Wheel and horn button are decent too.

The engine compartment…

This is me!  I existed!

Oh, and you get this supposedly race prepped 1750.  Looks good to me.  $7500 worth?  Dunno.  I imagine the guy who does is not reachable.

Yeah, yeah -bleeding heart me.  Someone buy it and fix it I say -a fools errand you say -whatever.  You know where to find it and place a big if it suits you.


2 thoughts on “Market 260: Giulietta SPRINT RACE CAR

  1. I am looking for the two front seats for my restauretion for my sprint 1958 /750 .please let me know ,Thank you . My cell # is 843 384 9892

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