Market 258: 101 Spider easy project

Update 9/16/10: $20,100 after 17 bids with reserve not met.  Look for the follow up.  I think video of it driving and audio of the engine woes might have helped.

Giulietta Spider 10103*170285. This car is on eBay right now out of Novi Michigan.  Usually when I write about a car that I describe as a project it’s a challenging, rusty through and through hulk someone dredged from the bottom of a pond.  Not so this car.  The problem here is a rod knock in the engine requiring attention -what I consider an easy project

Great looking car.  Paint is 30 years old but still shines,  the only pitting described on the chrome is the windshield pillars.

Trunk and door fit is superb.  Top looks new -owner says they store the car with the top up to preserve it.

More good seen here.  Passenger door shut line is almost invisible.  Tires are Pirelli Cinturato’s on Fergat rims.  Bright-work back here looks excellent.

Seller says there is rusting on the inner rockers but doesn’t elaborate.  Judging by the rest of the car I am going to assume it’s surface rust -but would demand pictures of the area for inspection or better yet, go see the car in person.

As usual, an inspection under the battery is important.  If this had a new trunk mat it would look amazing.

White car, red carpet, black seats… okay.  Seats are described as having been recovered in leather.  Radio blank off plate is what was described as the early type in the Blank plate posts.  Was probably an either/or thing for a while.  Other than yellowed gauges this looks fab, and the gauges suit the patina of the car, though that said they look so great when redone that I’d be tempted to replace the inserts.

Looks pretty good all in all.  Coil is funky as is the cheapo air cleaner -the price you pay to use a Weber but don’t want to have an adapter made to use the old air box.  Are the steering columns usually in body color?  It runs and drives now but a rod knock is described so this all likely has to come apart for the fix.  I’d take the opportunity to strive for engine compartment perfection.

Hello my name is…

This is a pretty clean car and most Alfa folks are comfortable having mechanical work done so I think it will do pretty good in the auction -it’s at $10,100 with 6 bids and 8+ days left.


1 thought on “Market 258: 101 Spider easy project

  1. I’m pretty positive that “market 169” (a 750F) was also from Novi Michigan. Seems pretty amazing to have 2 nice Giuliettas come from a city of 47,000 people. I wonder if they are from the same seller? Just curious.

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