Market 257: Series 1 750B Sprint project

Giulietta Sprint 750B 1493*05931, 1315*05350. This Sprint was posted for sale on the Alfa BB a few days ago out of Eau Claire Wisconsin.  As can be seen from the pictures it’s a big project but the $5000 obo asking price is reasonable considering the matching numbers and state of the engine.  I was tempted myself by this but then I thought about my soon to be departed SS’s and vow to only get into ‘easy’ projects and, well, here it is for someone else to go for.

This treatment reminds me of Market 228 Sprint -either it’s how they come out when a bondo mask is applied, or the same artist at work.  But… it comes with a spare nose for grafting purposes.  Yea… looks scary but it’s on wheels and lots of stuff is in place.

Some bondo scabs to pick at. Surface rust is not a big deal but there are some underside shots and there is metal needing replacement -mainly in the supports connecting the rockers to the inner frame rails and the trunk corners.  I see a Borrani wheel.

Tail lights are present.  This is similar to that good powder blue gray you see on a lot of lightweights.  Trunk lid fits okay.  Not too rusty back here. Car comes with a rear window but no rubber or trim.  A seller on the BB has the trim.

Again, not too rusty on the outside.  Rear wheel is a Fergat.  Door fits good.

Tudor washer bottle is a hard to find part.  Engine is said to be rebuilt but not yet started.  Doesn’t look bad -some good parts in here.

Yellowed gauges could use a little love but will probably work for a while if the grease is not too hard.

I bet they were trying to fit a 5 speed at some point.  What can be seen of the floors looks pretty solid.

The nose donor.

The big problem with this car -in addition to needing $15K worth of work, is that if you don’t see a part on the car -it’s not included, which means there’s lots to track down.  I kind of like the thrill of the hunt myself, but as I get deeper into middle age, I appreciate more and more having things right from the start.

Quite a little string of series 1 Sprint projects the last couple of weeks.  I guess there is hope for me after all!


3 thoughts on “Market 257: Series 1 750B Sprint project

  1. Matt, that’s the remnants of a well picked-over parts car & the website pictures show terminal rust in the chassis rails, which means that the bottom of the A, B & C pillars are also history. The pictures also show a triangular patch as well as rust bubbling out of the structural member in front of the passenger seat. 10 to 1 the floorboards at the firewall are also rotten. The external pictures show bondo / filler over all the usual places and some unusual ones, which means that the external sills are history as are the wheel arches, The RF fender & the nose are bad & the lack of rear window has resulted in rain water entry & rust in the area under the parcel shelf & by direct association the boot floor is also history. The mechanicals are also a total unknown, budget for a full rebuild of everything. Money spent here on restoration is throwing good after bad, 20+ years outdoors in the humid climate of Wisconsin have not been kind to this one, there are better project cars available, be patient. You need a tetanus shot just looking at the pictures…..

  2. 15K worth of work??? I’m thinking that where you live parts and labor are free.
    I do remember looking at a Sprint Veloce in slightly better condition then this for $300. It was 1978 and I was 17, both the owner and I thought it was only good for parts. Of course I regret not buying it, I’m sure I could have gotten him down to $250, then again there are about 20 other cars in the back of any 1978 issue of R&T that I also regret not buying.

    • I’m always thinking from the DIY perspective and not a proper restoration but a bumperless, mostly trimless hotrod. Yeah, drop it off at your local resto shop and it’s going to be $50K+. Someone will try…


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