Radio blanking plates revisited

Derek in Australia sent me some scans from manuals that show radio blanking plates for the different models.  These should be considered ‘correct’ for all you correctness worryists.  Check it out.

This looks to be a post-Giugiaro go over Sprint like mine.  Can’t tell what the badge in the middle is but will assume it’s the Alfa badge.

This is the 750 Spider blank plate -I have seen two different styles for these listed at Classic Alfa UK. The 101 version is all black where this one has off-white ‘wings’.

And as the pictures label indicates, this is the Berlina blank plate.  Cool.  Also note the dash has similar ‘raised’ vents to the 750B first series Sprint.

Similar to the Berlina item above but with the ‘TI’ script.

Maybe someday my car will be nice enough that the sort of radio blank off plate it has is at the top of the ‘to do’ list.


13 thoughts on “Radio blanking plates revisited

  1. On the Sprint, below the blank panel and to the right are two more dash knobs. Anyone know what they are for? Mine weren’t connected to anything. Anyone have a Sprint blank panel?
    Geez, I feel like a beggar, scrounging around for parts!

    • Those are the heater controls… one opens and closes the heater valve, the other opens and closes the flap between the firewall and heater.


      • On my fairly mechanically original 1959 101 Sprint they are: A on the left for air (firewall flap) and T on the right for Temp.


  2. Ah, the Sprint Speciale gets left out again. For the record, the Giulia SSs had a DIN-sized transparent plastic cover (sort of “faux-cloisonne'”), textured in back relief with a rectangular grid pattern and back-painted black. A ‘Bertone’ crest is molded-in assymetrically. A vapor-plated chrome strip runs horizontally through the middle the width of the plate.

  3. I read somewhere that the 750 Spider “white” plate continued for the early 101’s.
    Does anyone know when the changeover to the “black” plate occurred?

    • Looking at pictures of Spiders on the register I see Spider 10103*09829 has the black and white blanking plate and 10125*10203 has the black on black, so somewhere between there assuming these cars are correct -which they both appear to be. Both of these can be seen by looking up the vins on the Giulietta and Giulia pages.


      • Hi Matt
        I’m confused (apologies!).
        My number is 10107.171889, I seem to have an extra digit

      • Alan,

        In 1960 when they got to about 10107*11900 they changed to a six digit vin starting with about 10107*167001 running through your vin to about 10107*171903. In 1962 they started with 10107*370001. They only pulled about 5 bodies from this last series to make Veloce’s.

        So your extra digit is okay!


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