Market 256: ’61 Sprint **Potential Show Car**

Update 8/31/10… morning: Craigslist ad is working again.

Update 8/30/10… evening: Craigslist posting has been deleted.  Sold?  Headed for eBay?  Tree fell on it?  Chances are it’ll turn up before long.

Giulietta Sprint 10102*158831. This car is listed on Craigslist out of St.Charles, IL for the asking price of $29,000.  The seller claims the 1600 engine is original but this car should have a 00102 series 1300 (around # 00102*24900) unless it was made for some market d’Amico & Tabucchi don’t know about.  Looks like a really nice car!

It’s hard to tell much from this picture.  Door and hood shut lines look good, sill trim is missing and wipers are sitting pretty high on the windshield glass.  Looks to have a Ferrari sticker above the badge on the fender.

Euro tail light lenses and an airplane-less trunk with license lights built into the bumper.  Seems to be missing the “Sprint” script from the lid as well. Paint looks very good in this shot.  Nice custom plate.

I’ve seen a few red Sprints from this era with black and gray interiors.  This all looks very good.  I’m not sure what’s going on with the passenger side seat tracks.

The advert: “This Alfa, Chassis No. AR 158831, was built June 15, 1961. It has the original 1600cc engine with a 5 speed gearbox which was only offered for a very short time. Odometer shows 61,400 miles. Previous owners include the owner of Gingerman Raceway. The Alfa was restored to a very high standard some years ago in New York (~$30K) but not completed.

NY Restoration included:
Full body off frame restoration – have photos.
Interior and exterior paintwork done to high standard.
Engine and all running gear rebuilt.
Disk brakes installed all around.
All new Instruments and wiring.
All new seats and interior upholstery.
Front and Rear Bumpers rechromed.
Etc, Etc, Etc.

The Alfa was still not running when I purchased it. I did final work; intake manifold, carb, etc. She ran very well and I drove her about 460 miles. Has not been driven the last few years; needs some final tweaking.

With a little work this Alfa can be an outstanding show car.

This is a beautiful collector automobile which has been rarely driven since full restoration. My investment has been substantial, but I have too many projects. I have set an asking price of $29,000. All serious offers considered. “

Description says the instruments are new… I wonder if they are referring to the gauges -these look like the typical slightly yellowed units found in a Sprint.  Very nice looking though, all told.  A steering wheel wrap usually hides a crack or two in the rim.

If you’re in the market for a very good starting point Sprint that just needs a little fiddling, this might be the car for you.  Obviously a lot more pictures would have to be seen before you would commit to fly across the country and check it out, which you would have to do before spending $29,000 on it.

$29,000 sounds like a lot, but look at some of the Sprints that have sold in the last few months and you get the sense that if this car is as nice as described, it could be a pretty good deal -especially if you fancy a Sprint with disk brakes, a 1600 and a 5 speed.


7 thoughts on “Market 256: ’61 Sprint **Potential Show Car**

  1. OK, so my question, Isn’t every car “a potential show car”? To me this is a nice car that has been altered to the point of making it “a potential great driver” (when a person fixes “some final tweaking”). And last, (reading between the lines), it appears the car does not currently run. Why? Just wondering….

    • Scott,

      You get why I posted the title… good! I’d agree, all cars are porential show cars and also agree to call it a good potential driver.

      Who knows if they even tried to start it with the dead battery. Offer $24,000.


  2. “Full body off frame restoration” …………. I’ve always wondered how this is done … on a unibody car?
    Oh Great!!! Now I can find out … he has photos !!!

  3. RATS !!! I was too slow … the listing has been removed. Prolly a bunch tire-kicking know it alls embarrassed the seller by nit-picking his SHOW CAR too much; and I really wanted to see those Disk brakes !!!

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