Market 255: 1956 Sprint “needs restored”

Update 9/7/10: $7900 after 24 bids is where this unlikely survivor ended up.  Good luck new owner!

Giulietta Sprint 750B 1493*03396. This 1956 column shift Sprint is on eBay right now out of Medina Ohio with a current, reserve not met price of $2500 after 14 bids and 9 days to go.  Car sports a set of later egg-crate style grills but the headlights still appear to be the early small type so I doubt the body has been altered.  Check it out.

6″ lights I think -good thing the buckets are present -too bad the lights themselves are ruined.  Hood spear has been abused. 101 grills can probably be fit without much effort on an early car.

I see evidence of a lot of rot around this rear wheel.  Very complete original car though.

Aluminum door or better paint prep than the rest of the  car? I wonder how the bumper got bent so?  Towing?

Perfectly straight and needing some rust repair.  These cars have vented rockers so it shouldn’t be that rusty.  Probably just in the trunk.

Ohio 1974 series late.  These are the cool series small tail lights.  Look at how well the trunk fits.  What is that thing hanging down behind the drivers side rear wheel?

No significant rot to be seen here.

Column shift, original carpet and a shade of blue normally seen on lightweight Sprint Veloce’s. I wonder where this car was pulled from to be in such good yet bad shape.

Rust and needing attention but complete and with everything in its right place -even the Tudor wash bottle.

This would be a fun car to do a mechanical only revival on.  Can you imagine turning up at a show in this as a runner?  This car should do alright.  This makes two Sprints out of the Great Lakes region recently.  A trend?


9 thoughts on “Market 255: 1956 Sprint “needs restored”

  1. It’s always been a pet peeve of mine that people leave out “to be” so often on ads, but I’m guessing it’s a remnant from the days when classified ads were priced on a per-letter basis. “Needs painted,” “needs rebuilt,” “need restored”….

    Maybe that kind of letterpress efficiency is a requirement whenever an ad is in ALL CAPS?

    • Shoot! I meant to make fun of the all caps and forgot… Hadn’t considered the etymology of the omission of “to be” being based on $ per word description construction.


  2. As well, dropped articles are a sign of the decade that bother me. I understand your reaction to these ads.
    Aside from that, this Sprint captures my desire, like my wife’s for the kittens she spotted today.
    Brad B

  3. Matt
    It’s likely you’re right about the bumpers being sprung when it was pulled out of the old farm shed … the gas tank straps probably broke at the same time.
    Why is it no one advertises with the statement, “Car needs $10,000+ spent on it before it even begins to look drivable” ???

    • An aversion to stating the obvious? A sensible omission from the sales pitch?

      My problem is I want a first series Sprint! It’s my good fortune to have been down the ‘difficult project’ road and thus know to stay away.


  4. Well Matt-
    Market 251 Sprint sailed @$9000 buy it now, this one is together (a big plus to me, missing bits all here) and is @$7000 now. Where do you think it’ll end?
    The object astern of the left rear wheel is the tail muffler.
    The hardest part to find on my Sprint is that type of Tudor wash pump visible on this car between the radio and the parking-brake.
    See you soon,

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