Market 254: Spider Spider “Black Plate”.”Desert Find!”

Update 9/7/10: This car sold for the buy it now price of $13,900 after 20 bids and a full run at auction -would’ve saved someone some trouble to just have gone for it right from the start.

Giulietta Spider 10103*171756, 00102*28201. After a mere 4 clicks (home, motors, used:alfa, this listing) from their homepage you can be looking at this car on eBay right now (or you can click on the link).  It’s in Northridge California which makes me think it’s the same seller as the first who offered M213 on eBay.  Buy it now is a probably realistic $13,900.

Don’t let the cops see this thing parked in a handicap spot unless it’s a spot for handicapped cars.  Door and hood shut lines look about rightYellow looks like the yellow used to ‘colorize’ black and white movies in the 80’s.

Black plate, decent bumper and boot lid fit. Seller claims they have a title so the plate can be kept in service if it stays in Ca.  Aaron -this is for you!

The Vin.  Interestingly, I have 171757 on my register too.  Note liberal application of electrical tape and cheese head screws.  I have this theory that they went to phillips screws in about ’63.

I’m thinking Ace had a sale on rattle-can yellow in mid-1978.  I’m also thinking the previous owner left well enough alone under here.

This all looks pretty good besides the droopy dash upholstery. Why did they go to upholstered dash when they look so good on the early cars with painted top and wrinkle finish nosing?  If I had a late car like this I’d just go earlier style and shrug my shoulders and say ‘right…’ when a guy like me said ‘hey! You dash is wrong.’


Floors from an inappropriate angle.


Sellers description: “1962 ALFA ROMEO GIULIETTA SPIDER 1300C.C.Outstanding condition as restoration example, all complete, intact with all the matching number original parts. A southern california” “Black Plate”. dry 99% rust free “desert find!” Sitting in a garage for 25 years has finally come to light. The body is in  excellent condition and pretty strait, a restoration dream. The car does not run but the engine turn.”

This is a good start for you ‘I want a Spider Normale‘ sorts.  Go for it…


2 thoughts on “Market 254: Spider Spider “Black Plate”.”Desert Find!”

  1. This is most likely either Ivorio or Straw which was a factory color but was special order only. There is only 1 or 2 others in this color that I have ever seen. Nice complete car. Makes me wonder about rust under the mats in the corners. The underside looks solid as does the trunk. I wouldn’t mind having this one myself.

  2. I was the one that unearthed this car about 3 months ago. It was parked in a San Fernando Valley garage with 46,000 original miles in 1978 and never saw daylight until I pulled it out just recently. The car does not have a spec of rust anywhere. My favoratie part is the mint condition steering wheel and horn button. It’s one of the best preserved cars I’ve ever seen. I passed it on to a friend who was going to restore it, but plans changed to he threw it on eBay. It’s now getting ready for a long trip to Australia where it will undergo a full restoration.

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