Giulietta Sprint radio blank plate options

I got an email from Jock in Australia asking me for recommendations for a radio blank plate for his Sprint.  I spent a few minutes looking through the ‘Sprint Collection‘ I’ve built on Flickr and came up with these examples of how it has been handled.  I had no idea there were so many variations!

If I had to point to a blanking plate and say ‘that’s the right one’, this is the one I’d point out.  These come up for sale occasionally on eBay and are not too expensive.  The center badge and chrome strips have threaded studs and are removable.

This is basically the same as the first one with a Bertone badge in place of the Alfa badge.

This variation is from an early Sprint.  Is that St. Christopher in the center maybe? Note the different shape of the strips.

For the smokers there is this one with a lighter in place of the center badge.  Isn’t the choke blank in the wrong place here?

This guy thought he was clever.  Anyone recognize the choke knob?

This guy is not the flashy sort.  Also note that it is upside down…

My old Sprint Veloce had this 105 item.  Fit well and looked pretty good!

I always thought these were a 2000/2600 item, but I’ve seen these on a few Sprints.

There you have it, eight different radio blanking plates as seen on the Giulietta Sprint.  What’s on my car you are wondering?  None!  I am going for the lightweight approach.


2 thoughts on “Giulietta Sprint radio blank plate options

  1. I agree with your choice. I feel the variation you are talking to do got a lot to do with different restoration process.

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