Market 252: Barn find interim Spider 10104

Giulietta Spider 10104*09081. Sheesh! I go on vacation for 4 days and I somehow miss an auction entirely.  This car was on eBay for about 5 minutes and has apparently been sold.  Closing bid was $3950 -not sure if that was the selling price.  Without further ado…

“Four score and tewnty years I spent locked in this thankfully dry and heated garage waiting for rescue…”  Looks like a good car!  Has Lucas (or Lucas type) mirrors.  Dig that hard right pointing driving light.

Eh… looks pretty solid.  Is a long wheel base car.

Assume there is at least some rust in these rockers.  Assume your assumptions are all askew by 100% or just assume nothing.  No matter, you’ll still have plenty of work to do and who wants to know how many miles it is before the end of the road anyway?  Assume it’s a lot.

Just add gas right?  Really tidy for being as untouched as it is.  Looks like the correct 101 engine.  I’m going to guess (since the number was not provided) that it is engine number 1315*014622.  Why not?

Hello my name is…

Assuming the car sold for the $3950 the auction ended at I will declare this car a decent value.  There are lots of pictures available here or by clicking on the vin number link at the top.


4 thoughts on “Market 252: Barn find interim Spider 10104

  1. I happened to see this auction about 10 mins. after it went up on Ebay. I told my wife “it won’t last more than 2 hours” with a “buy it now” price of $3950. Sure enough it was sold in 43 mins.! I’m guessing we will see it again soon, only this time it will be clean.

  2. Looks to me to be a STEAL. What a good buy for someone! Wisconsin is not usually so nice to this kind of car, I’m going to venture that this was driven mostly in dry weather and stored very well in the barn. Stored since 1971! Jeez! whatta find.

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