Market 230: “Juliet Spider Velosh”!

Update 9/7/10: Well, this sad case has been reduced to an ending -no reserve met- total of $1136 after 3 bids.  On the bright side, the phrase ‘Tennessee Velosh!” has entered the Alfa Giulietta lexicon.

Update 8/23/10: This feller is back on eBay -some lucky motoring enthusiast can buy it now for $2700 and figure out what to do with it later.  Woot!

Update 7/10/10: Someone liked this enough to buy it now for $2500.  In one of the Q&A responses the seller says emphatically that this car can’t be returned to stock.  With these cars likely to be $100K by the end of the decade I’m sure some intrepid soul is hoping to prove the seller wrong.

Giulietta Spider Veloce 750F 1495*04640 (or 750F 03305), 1315*31655 (Not included). Tennessee is the home of this Spider that’s on eBay right now.  Vin on the title with the car is 03305, vin on the build plate is 04640 and the vin on the body is unknown -if I had to bet on which is accurate I’d put my money on the title.  It’s ironic/sad/frustrating that someone took a roller 58 Spider Veloce probably worth $10 – 15K of todays money, spent 6 years ruining it by altering it to fit a V8 and Toyota suspension and now are hoping to get $2500 out of it.  This is what you call a lose-lose situation -I bet they threw out the sheet metal they cut out of it too.

What do you do with something like this?  It’s probably unusable in its current form with all that weight over the front axle, way too much power for the rear end to grip and poor visibility with that scoop.

Rockers don’t look too bad, suspension is really high in the front considering it has a Chevy V8 in there.  Kind of heart breaking really.  Again, what do you do with it?

Judging by the condition of the bumper this car wasn’t too bad when pulled from an old ladies yard.

You would need a donor car to give you a trans tunnel and firewall if you decided to try and get this back to stock.  There are a lot of rare and otherwise expensive Italian classics that come up for sale with V8’s and I suppose there’s a method to follow in bringing them back.

This has been fundamentally altered and would be difficult to right if that was your aim.  Maybe get this car to make a street sleeper with a 2 liter or Milano/164 V6?

The worst thing about this is an $800 Spider from the 70’s would have supplied all necessary parts to do a somewhat easy (compared to what is seen here) conversion to more HP and brakes without destroying the value of a rare car too much.  One has to see what was removed to get this engine in here.  Firewall and inner fenders at least.  It’s probably game over if the suspension mount points were removed.

So the whole back of seat area was filled up with stuff -gas tank etc.

In the item description the seller talks about how hard Alfa parts are to find as a reason to have done what they did.  5 minutes on the internet doing research would have turned up Centerline and IAP and dispelled this idea.  If they dug a little deeper they would have seen that Spider Veloce’s of this vintage were around $40K as good condition drivers when they bought it  and as such may not have cut and welded on it with such reckless abandon.

What would I do if this was given to me?  I’d probably find a rusty donor normale and set to bringing it back… it would be a serious undertaking but for me half of the hobby is in the doing and if someone had the DIY skills to get this back to the point of being a bodywork and paint project the car could be saved but I doubt this will happen any time soon.

The way I see it the only up side here is the fact that it wasn’t hauled off for scrap, that there is a slight chance for this car to rise again, and that chance will get better as values for early Veloce’s continue to rise.


7 thoughts on “Market 230: “Juliet Spider Velosh”!

  1. I sent him a message saying that “This is how perfectly nice car is ruined” and he responded by calling me an ass!!! Oh well, like my grandmother used to say: In the kingdom of the blind, the one eye man is king. I guess that I deserved the response…

    • The saddest part of the whole deal is that he took what was probably a $12 – $15K project car, spent a bunch of money and effort making it a $1500 car.

  2. Take a look at the questions/comments in the eBay listing. Apparently there are plenty of folks out there who think this is a “nice ride”. I suspect these are the types whose knee jerk response to any car they don’t quite understand is “put a small block V8 in it”. In other words there are many rare and interesting cars out there still at risk…

    Maybe one day people will get it into their heads that a car is only original once and thus any restoration/modification requires a brain surgeons light touch. In the meantime poor Juliet Velosh joins hordes of “restomodded” MGs, Jags, Fiats, Triumphs etc. with V8s, poor handling and zero value. Sigh.

  3. Wow, just brings a tear to the eye.

    They say that you can’t look away from a train wreck. This is beyond that–I can’t bear to look…

  4. Seven years ago, you could pick up a Veloce Spider for much less than they are worth now, and back then this guy probably fancied himself as Knoxville’s next Carrol Shelby. At some level, the guy must realize what a bonehead move he made or he wouldn’t be so dismissive (and defensive). Funny how on Craigslist and eBay the term “rat rod” has come to mean “any stupid project I can’t finish but maybe you’re gullible enough to attempt”. If you read between the lines, basicly he’s saying it seemed like a “cool” idea at one time (probably when he was 19); in trying to blacksmith this thing together over the course of seven years, he’s gotten in over his head, and now the view just isn’t worth the climb. At this point, he just needs one like-minded dweeb who wears the same prescription as he did to carry the baton and bring this on home, maybe with tubbed wheelwells, traction bars, and a nitrous system (“My Alpha Romero kin whup yer new Camaro…”). This reflects the same mentality as the guys who stuff those taxidermied jackalopes; Wouldn’t It Be Cool If…

    Well actually. dickweed, no.

    • I’ll never understand the idea of squeezing a V8 in a little car -destroys everything that’s good about both the little car and the V8.

      Oh well -makes the remaining Spider Veloce’s that much rarer.


  5. I acquired the car a couple of weeks ago somewhere in the middle of $1136 and $2500. I have practical plans for the car… & it will be restored, in fact, its restoration has already begun.

    I currently own an Alfa, a Ferrari, a Maserati, and a Fiat. The cars current drag racer look will be history. I am very pleased that I made the decision to buy this car, a car that made most run for the hills. This poor car deserves a good home (garage), and now…it will get it.


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