Market 250: SSweet projects o’ mine

Giulietta SS 10120*00413, 00121*02334 & Giulia SS 10121*380211, 00121*00271. Liquidation sale!!  Well, sort of…  I am in the first months of a new business venture I helped start and have spent exactly *zero* hours on my SS projects since it started.  I have more excuses but that one is the most immediate.  In the case of the Giulia it’s not hard to part since we barely got to know one another, but the Giulietta has been a needy companion for a few years and saying goodbye will be hard.  I’ve started down this path a few times -selling my projects that is- but just couldn’t do it when it came right down to it.  This time will be different I hope.

The first picture I ever saw of my Giulietta Sprint Speciale.  This car is a lot less rusty than I thought it would be when I bought it.  The black finish is a very tough rust encapsulator that I have cursed countless times.

Not the first but one of the first good pictures of the Giulia.  Lots more pictures here.

The Giulietta was incomplete when I bought it and over the last few years it has been fun tracking parts down.

Original SS parts purchased since getting the Giulietta:

  • Rear bumper + one side spear
  • correct seats
  • Windshield
  • Drivers window
  • window winder mechanisms
  • headlight rings
  • rear view mirror
  • 00121 1600 SS engine
  • rebuilt, lightened gear set 5 speed trans
  • Windshield wipers
  • windshield wiper motor
  • radiator
  • Horn button
  • Fuse box cover
  • Lots of little stuff

New parts purchased for the Giulietta:

  • Set Centerline sport springs
  • Koni reds rear shocks
  • all consumable brake seals/lines/linings
  • all tie rod ends
  • rear rebound straps, front rebound limit cables
  • All parts to rebuild 1600 engine
  • Tail light lenses
  • Original style Cibie headlights
  • Lots of new rubber pieces
  • Door buttons

Here’s the Giulietta engine in it’s ‘nearly done’ state.  Still needs sprockets installed to the Orion racing cams and upper timing chain installed.  This link is to the whole rebuild process.

I spent a bunch of time getting the brakes cleaned up and ready for installation.  At this moment all shoes are relined, all cylinders are clean and ready for new seals which I have along with new flexible lines.

Lots of little parts are cleaned, polished/painted and ready for installation when the body is done.

Here is the roughed in bodywork.  There is still about 6 – 8 hours of welding to do to finish repairing the rust. After the rust is repaired it can be skimmed, sanded and painted.  Voila!

I could go on but I think you get the idea.  I’m about $20K into this car and asking $17K.  Wont sell it cheaper.  If you dig around on the blog for a few hours you will see I have done a huge amount of refurbishing work.

The Giulia… Well, I paid about $10K and shipped it.  Then I sold a few parts that came with it that I didn’t intend to use so my $8500 asking is already a loss.  Such is life.  $25K for the pair is pretty reasonable I think.  Below are some links to help establish comps.

Here is a link to 2008 SS sales results.

Here is a link to 2009 SS sales results.

And from 2010:

Market 242: frightening SS project.

Market 226: SS 10120*00533 in Florida

Market 224: Giulia SS in Austria

Market 218: Nice original Giulia SS at auction

Market 208: 1960 SS in NL

Market 198: Giulia SS in Peru

Market 191: Giulia SS in France


7 thoughts on “Market 250: SSweet projects o’ mine

  1. Hi did you have a lot of trouble finding the window winder mechanisams? are they used on other cars?
    hope you can help

  2. I have been searching for an engine compartment light for my 1961 SS without any luck.I have tried the known vendors such as reoriginals. The full restoration is almost complete after 7 years.This light and bosch horn HO1 are the last remaining pieces of the puzzle. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Bill P

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