Market 168: Giulietta Sprint fixed up ‘My way’

Update 8/16/10: This car is now for sale out of San Francisco on eBay.  Seller is an Alfa enthusiast I know personally and good guy so I am confident things are as described.

Vroom!  Tough looking Sprint -this is the type of minimal approach I plan on taking with my Giulietta SS if it stays in my keeping.

Update 1/24/10: It’s not very often that a car manages a higher finish the second time around on eBay, but then again it’s not very often that someone bothers to post more/better pictures, and an expanded description including a viable explanation for the failure of the first campaign.  Very well done at $17,601.

Update 1/17/10: “I sold this alfa on ebay a few weeks ago to a delightful gentleman who planned to drive it back to his home in Mexico City. That, by the way, impressed the hell out of me!! But after some second thoughts he decided it probably was too risky. We mutually agreed to cancel the deal. So here it is relisted and available again for the eager, the brave and the hardcore.” Nice. There are some new and improved pictures as well.

Update 12/7/09: This car sold for $15,967 after 31 bids were placed. A reader expressed surprise at this result, thinking it would sell for more. I think the result is about right. Most people are going to want to change it -whether it means a bigger engine or a correction of some of it to a more original spec. This car represents a good buy in my opinion.

Giulietta Sprint 750B 1493*06702, 1315*05885. This car is on eBay right now from the collection of an Alfisti in southern California, known for both the rarity of his cars and his willingness to do his own thing when fixing them up to put them back on the road. Originality police will no doubt give this car a hard time, but it was probably done when these cars were $2500 for runners and restoration parts were few, far between and expensive. He has sold some odd stuff in the past like a 2 door Giulia Super conversion and a Giulia Super truck conversion but of all the things he’s sold, I still wish I had gotten a loan and bought the Giulia Promiscua he sold through Fantasy Junction a few years ago!

I like these cars with out the brightwork. Grill opening bars are adapted to this car from elsewhere… an early 750 Sprint or Spider perhaps. Stance of this car on the Panasports is tight and the paint and shut lines look good in the pictures. Most missing trim is said to be included in the sale.

Rear trunk floor to body seam has been shaved. This is not as uncommon a modification as you would think, especially considering it greatly simplifies any repair work to the rear end. Trunk and door fit is good. No trunk emblems but the airplane is present. Black plate not included -so why put it in the pictures?

What can brown do for you? Hmmm. This is not my cup of tea but it is presentable. I am going to assume most bidders will be including the cost to redo this when they are calculating their max bid. Seats are Duetto items. Steering wheel, dash, gauges, etc all look good. As I said at the outset -done to an individual taste.

Not bad, not great but a definite plus that it’s the original engine. This would have the early type air box can, examples of which turn up frequently on eBay. I wouldn’t do much in here if it runs good, though there are lots of little improvements that are cheap and easy to make. I know, get off my high horse, my Sprint’s engine compartment looks like crap, especially considering the time and expense I went through…

Alright, there you go. Jump right in. This is a particular car for a particular buyer. I like the simplified treatment of the exterior, I like that the engine is the original one, I don’t really mind the brown interior, but I’m not crazy about it. The seller seems to have pretty reasonable expectations when selling cars so this may just find a new home.

Another ‘particular’ Sprint.

And another from the same seller.

And this one for no good reason.


9 thoughts on “Market 168: Giulietta Sprint fixed up ‘My way’

  1. I’m surprised this car only brought a tick under $16K. Its a good looking car and seems to be sorted out. I was expecting it to go for at least another $10k more. I think someone got a good deal.

  2. Drivetrain not withstanding, money saved on not having to fix a rusty, bent body shell could easily finance a complete set of original brightwork and an interior restoration, and maybe more. If it doesn’t need major engine work I’d say it’s a serious candidate for a “completer”.

  3. Buy this Sprint. Ship it from L. A. to Le Havre France for ~ $2500 this June. Then drive fun, small roads to Milan with the English Giulietta crowd. Leave it on consignment with a European classic dealer to sell. Fly home on a cheap Delta ticket.

  4. Brad might be onto something with the exception of the fly Delta idea. No one should do that on purpose and ruin a good vacation.

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