Market 249: Odd but nice Sprint 1600 in Italy

Giulia Sprint 1600 10112. This car is available now out of Italy for 25,000 Euro’s.  It sports some odd treatments but looks to be a really nice car -I especially like the color combo.

Blue is slightly metallic.  Bumper looks like it could use a good polish or perhaps replating.  TP? 

Wow -check out those hub caps! I usually see this sort of thing on 8 year old Toyota’a and Honda’s in my area.  Does this car have a sill plate covering the rockers or is it just painted silver?

Nothing is amiss back here except maybe the oval shaped exhaust pipe.

I love blue cars with red interiors -so cool!  This door panel looks amazing -I wonder if it’s original?


Alright -we’ve got to talk.  I see a steering lock, what looks like an air conditioner, a big speaker and a pair of pods on the dash -one with a clock and the other with what appears to be a picture of the young Queen Elizabeth.  Oh -and the dash is white so probably a white car.

Probably not a horrible deal but you have to like the color combo and deal with getting more pictures and a decent description.


4 thoughts on “Market 249: Odd but nice Sprint 1600 in Italy

  1. Not a presentation that one would think would bring a speedy sale result. Maybe his wife said, “put that old car for sale or else…” and this was his idea to appease her.

    One expects to find aftermarket, franchise chain auto parts store hubcaps on used car lots in the low rent part of town who also advertise, “We Finance Everyone!”.

    Carpets are disheveled, no engine bay photos that I can see, seats are over stuffed, front bumper appears rusty. Subjectively, cars like this tend to have many more sins not seen in the photos provided or in the description.

    On August 16, 2010 according to the Euro was at $1.282 so the 25,000 Euros at that time translated to about $32,050 dollars. Brian

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