Market 248: Spider # 00418 in NL

Giulietta Spider 750D 1495*00418. Elmar forwarded me a link to this car for sale and it looks like a good one for those who are enticed by early production numbers.  I only have 14 earlier cars listed on my 750D register!

This looks as good as most of the cars that have gone through eBay in the last couple of months.  Seller describes it as either a superb resto candidate or a good car to just put back on the road.Wheels are a little dark.  Door and hood shut lines look great.

Looks good -trunk fit is acceptable and I see most of the required parts poking out of the interior.

The radiator is disconnected so some work is required under here to make it roadworthy.

Clean Diff and drain plug for the gas tank tell me someone has been at work under here -hopefully to good effect.

Not a bad deal for a really early car -especially if #00724 makes $70 – 90K at auction next weekend.  I don’t expect this to last.


4 thoughts on “Market 248: Spider # 00418 in NL

  1. “Clean Diff and drain plug for the gas tank tell me someone has been at work under here -hopefully to good effect.”

    Can’t say the same for whomever bolted the 101 Giulia carb onto the engine … along with the fuel filter and haphazard fuel lines.

    For $25000 plus shipping ??? No thank you !!!

  2. Hello Mat,

    I am hoping that you or someone else can help?!

    I recently bought an Alfa Romeo Guilietta Spider and wish to confirm its identity.

    Although the body is in very good condition, the engine had been replaced with a 1600 and some parts are missing. I wish to restore it and any information, advice, parts or references will help.

    1)The VIN no. is: 1495 03054
    2)The original colour seems to have been “Baby Blue” from what I can see on the inside of the doors.
    3)The rev-counter starts at 2,000
    4)The car has small rear lights
    5)The car has a hard-top (Baby Blue)

    I have been told that it miht be a 1957 750 VELOCE?

    Your kind assistence is eagerly awaited!

    • Ben,

      d’Amico and Tabucchi don’t list this car (03054) specifically as a Veloce -the list of Veloce’s has none being made between 02516 and 03303, but they are not infallible. Is the VIN plate on the underside of the hood in place? Is there an “F” stamped on the firewall? What is the engine number (if it has the underhood badge)? Does it have the bracket welded to the frame below the drivers side engine mount for the oil pan bumper? If you want you can send me pictures to sprints @ giuliettas . com and I’ll let you know what I think.


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