Market 247: clean 750D in Germany

Giulietta Spider 750D 1495*07183, 1315*45807. Another fabulous Giulietta out of Germany, this Spider is available from Wunscholdtimer for 39,500 Euro’s or about $52,000 at the time of writing.  A lot of money but a very nice, original appearing Spider.

This car looks to have either been extremely well cared for since new or it’s an older restoration.  The paint is great but some of the interior and engine compartment components lack the luster expected of a ‘new’ restoration.  This is about as nice as I’d want a car to be.  Front end looks amazing.

Door and trunk shut lines could be improved a bit but are better than usual. Stance is just right.

Gauges are slightly yellowed.  I’m beginning to think this car is mostly original.

See what I mean?  Clean and tidy but not all polished and shining like new.  Wouldn’t take much… Marelli regulator, original hose clamps and bakelite valve cover knobs are noteworthy.

Hello my name is…

Original tool kits are $$$$$!  I don’t think this is all original and complete but it’s a good start.

There you have it -another fancy Giulietta out of Germany for a price that just about everyone in the USA is amazed by.  No wonder they all head east when they come up for sale here in the US.


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