Market 246: Exceptional(er), more expensive Sprint in Germany

Giulietta Sprint 10102*350073. This Sprint is also available from Movendi for the price of 47,900 Euro’s or about $63,200 (!!!) at the time of writing.  This is not much than a 750E lightweight sold for last year… have times changed or is this car really that good?  They list the car as a 1959 but the number is for a 1962.

I’ve never seen the grills blacked out in this way before -very cool looking.  These guys know how to prep and photograph a car for sale. No cluttered background, no excuses detailing and just a sense of caring about the cars.

Typically perfect shut lines.  Red, chrome and black are the perfect compliment.  Look at the reflected horizon line along the side of the car -this is a straight car!

I think US spec tail lights would be better than Euro’s on this car but I hear they take traffic regulations and vehicle roadworthiness very seriously in Germany.  I wonder if the white one from yesterday was restored by the same hand as this one.

You have to love red to want this car.  I don’t think that rear view mirror is original.  I see some rally stickers on the dash.

Imagine how red this would be if the seats were solid red.  Look at the attention to detail in the door jamb and, well, everywhere else. Bravo!

No spare?  Everything else looks fine.

As with the last one from this seller, everything is purposefully laid out and just looks right.

It’s Sprints like this that make me want to paint my Sprint.  Patina is all well and good, but I’m in it for the long haul with that car so maybe I should paint it and apply my own patina over the next 50 years…


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