Market 245: Exceptional Expensive Sprint in Germany

Giulietta Sprint 10102*157933, 00102*30207. This restored Sprint is listed at Movendi for 44,900 Euro’s or about $59,200 at the time of writing.  The condition of the car is indeed exceptional except for adherence to originality in the interior, but I’ll make an exception since, while not original, it is extremely attractive.

This is one of those ‘better than new’ restorations you hope to one day buy.  You’ll see what I mean if you follow the vin number link to this cars photo page.  Sprints are great in white.

Shut lines, trim and stance are all perfect.

The chrome European license plate holder is rare.  US cars just came with a little bracket that was hidden by the plate but the lights in the bumper stayed common to both markets.

Seats might be brown?  Red carpet door panels are kind of cool.  Note how perfect the dash is!

Brown, red and chrome go well with white.  This simplified door panel design is pretty cool.  The original panels had that saggy looking long pocket.

Nice nice nice!  No over-spray, everything perfectly placed and in good condition. I wonder if any mods were done to the engine?

Proctological exam doesn’t turn up any major problems.  Chrome fuel filler cap is odd, but not unheard of.  I like the leather belt spare holder but the original cinch clamp is a little cooler.

CMR?  Anyone?  I’d have called these Fergats.  Nice shade of green-gray either way.

August seems to be a month of expensive Giulietta’s coming to market.  This is all the money in the world for a 101 Sprint, but then again, it’s one of the nicest examples I’ve seen of a restored 101 Normale so maybe it’ll sell.


8 thoughts on “Market 245: Exceptional Expensive Sprint in Germany

  1. Very nice, but I think its a pity that the carpet is used on the doorpanels. But maybe inevitable due to the strange colour of the upholstery?

      • Its suits the car well, I agree. But not my taste. The red of the carpet is actually quite nice, but the brown shade turns me off. But taste is very personal….

  2. They also have a red Sprint for sale with a more “traditional” interior. The price is 47.900 euros. Looks nice to me! Is the front grille a little odd, or is it just the shadows that hits it in some unusual way? Meshes on the headlights look kind’a cool — gives a “ready to race” vibe.

    — Per

  3. only superficially nice. the restorer was too lazy to find the proper clamp for the spare, and the chrome gas cap and rectilinear door trim are tasteless. This car, as designed is a perfect expression of ’50s Italian design, including the swoopy interior trim and leatherette or cloth seats. I would call this a half-hearted attempt to get a good price from the uncaring or unknowing.

  4. I am glad to see this cars commanding the current asking prices. I was always under the impression that these cars were highly undervalued. Amongst other incorrect items on the white and red listed Giulietta Sprint series cars here, All and I mean, All Sprints had black finished undercoating trunks and not body color.

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