Market 244: Early Spider at Gooding auction

Update 8/26/10: So, word is this car sold somewhere in the mid-$70K’s to a rich guy from Mexico.  Rumor?  I’ll try and find out.

Giulietta Spider 750D 1495*00724, 1315*40670. Gooding and Co. will be auctioning this 1956 Spider off at their Pebble Beach auction held August 14th and 15th.  There is no reserve and the selling price is expected to be $70,000 – $90,000.  Big money, but as the auction text states, this car is ‘striking’, ‘eligible’, ‘iconic’ and ‘superb’ -the full thesaurus treatment.  I occurs to me that if this car makes money in the stated range it will be the most expensive production 750D recorded.

Paint looks amazing as do the shut-lines and trim. Stance is about perfect.  Someone spent some money.

Look at the lines made by the sill trim, bumpers and exhaust pipe.  Really elegant.

Black is the new red for Giulietta Spiders it seems.  I like the look of the short wheel base/no vent window combo.

More shine, more nice, more more.  This car should probably have the curved shift lever.

These gauges are reference book correct and clean.  I like.

I wonder if they ‘indulged’ in leather?

Sorry about the quality of this one… looks good though.

Well, if you got cash problems (ie too much cash) then get yourself to the auction and go for it.  Giulietta’s this early don’t turn up that often -especially in no-compromises restored condition.


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