Market 213: Spider 750D 01503, very nice project

Update 8/9/10: This car has turned up for sale yet again, this time on San Francisco Bay Area craigslist for $29,500  I find it hard to believe work to the tune of about $10K has been done to it but it’s a free country and a fool and his money…

It really doesn’t look like a bad car and I understand that where there’s a buck to be made it will be made, but at least rattle-can that rust spot on the front wheel so we get the sense that some work has been done to earn the mark-up.

Update 5/1/10: 23 bids pushed the price up to $14,100 but the reserve was not met.  I wouldn’t have sold it for that either.  What’s fair for this car?  The market will eventually decide, but my opinion is somewhere between $16k and $18k, maybe a little more if it’s better in person than the pictures, but that’s not usually the case.  I think the appearance of another early 750D in slightly better shape derailed this auction a bit.  List it again after an eBay Giulietta Spider dry spell but before the Monterey weekend Alfa 100 year celebrations and things should go well.

Giulietta Spider 750D 1493*01503. This car is on eBay right now out of Northridge Ca.  Seller is pretty well known in the Alfa world and a straight shooter as they say.  Car was on Craigslist not long ago… can’t remember when or where exactly but I think in 2010 and I think in Colorado for I think about $15K.  If you are looking to restore an early one in the rolling restoration style then this is your car to start with!

Very nice and straight other than a bump in the bumper.  Hood fit is not quite right on the passenger side but not terrible or anything.

Small dent on the fender well lip.  Odd corrosion on this wheel, you’ll want to inspect the body on this corner incase it was stored on an incline with this corner in 8 inches of water.  Very good door fit.

Text: “Here is a rare opportunity to own a very original and unrestored 1957 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider. The car has 63,758 original miles. I am reluctant to sell it, but I just purchased another vintage Alfa and unfortunately some of my cars have to go.BODY: Originally red, the car looks to have been repainted once. It’s chipped in various places especially the trunk lid. There is a dent on the right front fender The body is in overall good shape. It does not appear to have ever been in any kind of accident. The doors, hood, and trunk are original to the car as well. The floors and rockers are in good shape. The floors are perfect with no bumps or dents. The trunk floor is good as well. There is minor rust on where the battery mounts.

INTERIOR: The interior is as original as can be. The driver seat is a bit chewed up on one of the bolsters and the passenger seat has some tears. The convertible top is there, but faded and worn.
MECHANICAL: The car runs, drives, and stops. The car recently had the fuel tank redone. The motor runs good and has great oil pressure. The block was replaced in the 1960’s with a later 750 series block. The transmission is good with no grinding in any gears.”

Suspension looks to be well settled, none of the usual high rear end.  I’d be tempted not to repaint.

Well, I might repaint the trunk lid.  Looks pretty good back here.

No problems here.

That is amazingly clean and dry.  It needs cosmetics but that’s about it.

I would use this as-is.  Everything is correct and in the right place.  Even the piping looks good.

Even the steering wheel is great.  Is that little bend in the gear shift lever normal?

Again, very correct.  Too bad the engine is not the original.  Coil placement is odd.

The numbers, so there are no doubts as to its’ identity.

This car will probably sell for not much less than some recent restored cars, which, from a pure value-for-money stand point doesn’t make much sense, but from the perspective of the restorer, a clean runner that is close to original is an excellent place to start and it really doesn’t need any major repair -oh, and it’s really early.

A very similar car (and not just because it’s red!).

2009 Spiders

2008 Spiders


4 thoughts on “Market 213: Spider 750D 01503, very nice project

  1. Hi Matt,
    Yeah, that curved gear shift is correct for *some* early cars. I have one like that and another of the more common type.

    In the past couple of years, I think that two of the curved gear shifts have been listed on ebay. I think that they both went for a touch over $150. My memory is fuzzy on this point though, and I could be dead wrong. Still, I am not going to part with mine very easily!


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