Alfa Centennial Celebration part 1

Brad Baum, a southern California Giulietta owner/restorer/enthusiast -whose name you may recognize, was in Italy for the Alfa Romeo 100 year celebration and sent me these pictures from a parking lot in Rho.  He focused on the rare and interesting bits on the cars there.  Check it out.  Captions in Italics are Brads

This impeccable red 750 Sprint was in the Alfa museum parking lot Friday afternoon of the Centenario Alfa Romeo in Arese. I very much like the industrial design of this mirror, but it looks like it might interfere when the door is opened.

I have read occasional internet discussion about optional wing windows for Sprints, but this 101 in the Centenario parking Saturday at Rho was the first I’ve seen. This is only the fourth Giulietta I’ve seen a recent picture of with vent windows -the others were 2 SS’s and the Portugal Sprint with the ‘smoking’ vent window on the drivers side only.

This Sprint sunroof at Rho was a first for me as well. This was well engineered and constructed. I believe the car was Dutch.

Rarely do I get the chance to ride in a rare, desirable Giulietta like Tim Butkus’s Giulietta Zagato Sprint.

This fog light mount was probably period original on this very nice rally prepped Berlina, also at Rho on Saturday.

Knock off hubs were nicely done on this Giulietta Spider. I believe another Dutch enthusiast.

If you (the reader) have any pictures to share from the celebration let me know (sprints @ giuliettas . com) and I’ll do another post like this.


4 thoughts on “Alfa Centennial Celebration part 1

  1. The sunroof well engineered with a spanner as a closing handle?
    Great pics though, also when knowing that it was excruciatingly hot at Rho that day. Yes I was there too!
    Not many pics taken there. Most time took me to get the car on to the carparc and get some food and drinks.
    The carparc was AMAZING though. It will never happen again so many classic Alfa’s in one place from so many countries across the world.

    • Brad prefaced the pictures with a note about how hot it was. I was in Roma when the big heat wave was going on a few years back -it does get hot there!

      As fr the sunroof -you do what you can to keep things on the road.


  2. The traffic jam to get in was deadly as Joost says ,after waiting/cooking for over an hour a smart guy tried to cut in front of me off the Autostrada.So tapped on his drivers window and I knew him whats the odds that cost him a pint back in the UK.Brad was everywhere like a rash may put some evidence on U Tube.

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