Market 241: Nice 750B in Portugal

Giulietta Sprint 750B 1493*07790. This car is available now from FS Automoveis in Lisbon for the not outrageous but high asking price of 29,500 Euro’s -$38,800 on the day of writing.  Condition is good as far as can be discerned by the low quality pictures.

Good looking car!  It has a unified patina and shine -the kind of car you want to buy if you want to just drive it home and enjoy it.

Paint looks really good here.  Euro corner markers are the same as those used on Giulia Supers and add a little somethingTypically great shut-lines are seen here.

Look at how nicely the trunk shut line is.  They were very good from the factory and this car looks to have been left alone back here.  Contoured license plate is very cool.

Everything I said about the passenger side.  Side view mirror is a new placement for me.

Interior is stellar! I think this car still has the tunnel case 4 speed.  I don’t see anything less than great here.

Clean and tidy and original.  Even the fuel pump and hose clamps look original.  I can’t tell if the under-hood mat is original.  Red over-spray on the hood prop is unfortunate but easily remedied.

Alright all you Euro based Sprint lovers, this looks like a good car and while the price is high the originality and no fuss usability of it make me think it’s not too bad a deal.


3 thoughts on “Market 241: Nice 750B in Portugal

  1. Dear Matt,

    Although your gimlet eye is usually spot-on, this car has a splitcase transmission…there is NO ‘turret’ at the base of the shiftlever of a tunnelcase. The tunnelcase floor is absolutely flat, and the hole for the boot is off-center to the left by a couple of inches!
    I am very glad that you are continuing your Giuliettas blog! Thank you.


    • Laurence,

      You are right as usual. I gotta make mistakes once in a while to get people to comment!

      The blog continues and is approaching 500 posts.


  2. I know this is an old post but I just wanted to add that the side indicators on these Sprints are different (larger) than on Giulias. They are very similar to the 2600 type indicators but even there the chrome bit is not of identical length.
    I really enjoy this blog!

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