Market #44: Palm Springs 101 Sprint project

Update 8/6/10: This car is now on eBay with a pretty reasonable opening price.  Bidding is $6000 with 3 bidders, reserve not met as I write this.

Update 7/31/10: Giulietta Sprint 10105 1493*22433. I knew if I paid attention long enough the VIN of this car would come out.  After a year of some work and hanging around this car has now been listed on eBay by a seller who seems to always have a lot of Alfa stuff listed.  How did I determine it’s the same car?  The chromed fuel filler cover among other things.  Asking is now $29,000.

Looks pretty good.  Lots of new pictures if you follow the VIN link.  Engine is revealed to be a 2 liter, rear end is 5.12 and all the other usual abnormale stuff.  Seats are not original.

Update 11/3/09: This car is back on Craigslist. Still in Palm Springs, still asking $18,000 and still potentially a good deal if the condition is as good as it looks.

ps sprint noseNose looks very good with lustrous paint and good chrome.

ps sprint engineWebers, shine, ignition wires, a nice fender lip. Black has been polished off the vin plate.

ps sprint trunk2New Euro tail lights, trunk prop is present. Jack is noce to have. Note absence of trunk latch.

ps sprint trunkNo rust. It’s all supposed to be black in here, but that’s not hard to remedy. Note chromed gas fill access cap.

I wish I had $15K laying around. I’d go look and maybe make an offer.

Update 9/3/08: This car is on Riverside Craigslist for $18,000. I am thinking that if it’s as good as it sounds, $15,000 might be an acceptable offer.

This Giulietta Sprint is on Craigslist right now out of Palm Springs. I have to thank Paul and Jon both for sending this to me, guys like you make my job easier! This car is listed with a $20,000 asking price. Without calling and going or a look it’s impossible to say if it’s worth this but it seems high to me by what I can see in the pictures, even considering the several thousand dollars worth of parts seen in the last picture.

The Text: restoration project ,with many extra parts,custom goodies 760-408-7746 with interests and questions thanks,

If someone goes and checks it out take some pictures for me and record the vin/Bertone/engine numbers!

I like these close up but indistinct pictures, there’s something sort of intimate about them. Nose looks great as does the trim and panel fit. Hood spear is off the car and the holes have been filled so it has been repainted at least once

I don’t see a Veloce script on the trunk so it’s probably not a Veloce. Body down the side looks nice and straight. Euro amber lenses are either new, which means someone has spent some money on it, or original which means it’s a Non-US market car. The latter might explain the absence of a license plate. Trunk latch is off, as are reflectors and bumper, I bet they are on that tarp though.

Engine compartment looks great, dual webers are not stock but a worthy upgrade. Brake fluid reservoir is floating in space but a home could be found for it Wiring looks tight and I don’t see any red paint over-spray. Impressive. If mine looks this good when I’m done I’ll be stoked.

Ah yes, the parts haul. Other than the grills even I don’t recognize much. I’m curious about what could be in the white wrapping, not really the right shape to be the rear bumper, but it does look like a pair of something.

I have to say writing endlessly about all these project Sprints has me running out of witticisms and insights. Oh well, in 10 years I think this effort will be invaluable to Sprint lovers everywhere.


4 thoughts on “Market #44: Palm Springs 101 Sprint project

  1. Hey Eric … still loosing sleep about your project. Thanks for the taxi rides back and forth from the airport. You were right – the Palm Springs Air Museum was very excellent.

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