Market 102: Interim Spider Veloce Project

Update 7/26/10: This car is on eBay right now.  I’m not sure if it’s the same seller as before -the listing says Florida and the car ships out of PA which is where it was when it was being sold on the BB.  Either way -it looks like a pretty good place to start your Spider Veloce project.

Originally posted 4/6/2009: Giulietta Spider Veloce 10107*167587, Engine 00106*01197. This car is available right now on the AlfaBB our of Pennsylvania. No asking price is stated but it sounds like in the neighborhood of $20,000 is what the seller would like.

dsc00455The ever popular ‘before’ picture.  Looks pretty good from an accident damage and rust standpoint.  This has the neat small tail lights with separate reflectors below them.

dsc00550Not much to be seen here.  I think that metal band is a bumper bracket.  Not too rusty.

st-1300-147Here it is part way through the body restoration.  It appears it had a little rust in the lower corner.  Nice shop space!

“Greetings everyone,
After long consideration I have made the decision to offer my Giulietta Veloce project to the person that can take it to the next level. The pics show the car as purchased approximately four years ago and where it is at present time. The motor (original 1300) is complete with all work being performed by Paul Poore of Poore Performance in Doylestown, PA. I have probably 100 photos showing the car at various stages of restoration but thought these best reflect where it’s at today. It was a wonderful find as you can see. It was a complete car in good condition when we started the restoration. It had been stored indoors since 1978 when it was taken off the road. I am only the third owner. The second owner owned it for almost 40 years. The decision to offer it for sale was difficult but necessary. I simply cannot afford to continue. All sheet metal on the body is better than 90% complete. The person who performed it is truly a master at his trade having worked over the years on cars that have Pebble Beach history. His work must be seen to be fully appreciated. Interior is complete but needs restoration. Very little missing from original car (bumper guards, front end eyebrows and a few other small bits). Central documentation (Storico Alfa Romeo) has chassis number AR-167587 originally corresponding to a Giulietta Spider Veloce manufactured on October 25, 1960 and sold on June 9, 1961 to Hoffman Motor Car Co., New York. I know that it will be nearly impossible to recover what I have invested selling the car at this level of completion. Those who have completed full concours restorations know that these projects are not for the faint of heart or the beginner (I learned this the hard way). I have invested over $20,000 in the Alfa. All completed work is professionally done, but still a ways to go. Most of the black bits and suspension pieces finished. I’ll end this by saying the car can be seen in Pipersville, PA (40 miles north of Philadelphia). I would encourage anyone interested to come see the project. Thought it only fair to offer up the car first to the Alfa enthusiast here on the BB. I will try to answer any questions you might have. Please be fair with offers. Great opportunity for someone with the expertise to complete.”

dsc00736Engine looks pretty.  Note the Veloce pan on the floor.  Make sure the tapered 101 1300 Veloce intake manifold is present.  They are very hard to come by.

dsc00738The real deal 101 1300 Veloce engine as used in Sprints and Spiders.  The 00106 is supposedly the same internally as the 00120 found in SS’s and SZ’s.

I hate to admit it, even to myself, but I a really starting to want a Giulietta/Giulia Spider.  This is a lot more than my budget and the last thing I need is another project, but if things were aligned more properly I’d make a play for this car.  I expect if this car is as complete as described and a thorough photo documentation provided of the work done reveals money well spent it could make $20,000,but I think it may take a while for the right buyer to come along.  You can get a pretty nice 1600 Spider for between $15 – $20K.


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