Mercado 237: Clean Sprint in Mexico

Giulietta Sprint 10102*21176. This Sprint, assembled in Mexico by Willy’s Overland, is available now on MercadoLibre for $160,000 or about $12,500 of our USD’s.  Seller is a used car dealership who somehow ended up with the car when it came out of long time dormancy in a collection.  He states that everything except the engine is original and looking at the pictures I agree somewhat.  There are some changes but they are the sort of thing you had to do 30 years ago to a Giulietta to keep it running when parts were hard to find.

Woefully vague pictures show a pretty good car.  Everything seems to fit together well and all the trim is present.  Hood looks like it’s not latched.  One wiper?

This car wears the non-USA corner markers and amber lights -I guess that’s what they got in Mexico.  In this view I can’t tell if the hood is slightly up or not quite closed.  Rockers look great.

Massive over-riders and ‘sporty’ dual exhaust aside, this back end looks great!  Sprint script and bulls eye badge are missing.

I’m not sure what’s up with the antennae but it is at a bad angle.  With a good buff this car would be a $20K USD car if put on eBay out of Southern California.

This wheel looks to be the real deal ($$$).  Horn button is a little ill-fitting but that’s not hard to correct.  I think this car would have had red interior originally but what’s here looks factory so maybe it came from a donor car?  Seat covers aren’t original either way.  I’d roll in this.

Under-hood should be body color but it’s black and some other color along where the passenger fender meets the engine compartment.  I’m thinking it was originally not red… what colors had black interior… (scratch head).  Seller says there is a receipt from Alfa for a new engine in the early 80’s -no telling what it actually is.  Looks like a big internally regulated alternator has been fitted.

I know some people who are afraid of cars from south of the border but I am of the opinion that it’s okay to buy there so long as there are no titling hold-ups and you go for a look in person.  Someone with an adventurous spirit, some Spanish skills, a trailer and about $12k cash could probably bring this home and with a little tinkering have a great car.  Alex?


5 thoughts on “Mercado 237: Clean Sprint in Mexico

  1. Aaron, it apparently is very simple to get a car up to the US and registered. A friend of mine brought an early 911 Porsche and paid about $2,000 to the Michigan DMV to register and title it.

  2. I quite like the new Giulietta version that Alfa Romeo launched recently. It is one of the best city cars for me, very smart and elegant car, I think the advert is quite clever too.

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