Market 236: Cheap Interim Sprint roller shell

Update 7/31/10: Listing ended after being lowered to $1200 so I guess it sold!

Giulietta Sprint 10105*20051. This car out of Oakland Ca is listed as a classified ad right now on eBay.  I have seen the car in person and can honestly day it is a very big but doable project.  Best route for this is probably to weld it up, get a Miracle paint job and combine it with a cheap runner late 70’s Spider junker to make a hot rod/ cafe racer.  It is missing a lot but the parts are available.

Passenger side fender is a 750 item -not exactly the same as a 101 item but it can be made to work with some welding.  A pillar, the center of the windshield area and bottom of the door hinge area will be challenging.

Not too bad back here -a little rust to repair but I’ve seen worse.

Impolite but necessary peak under its’ skirt shows a lot of ‘stuff’ still in place.  Trailing arms, rear end, springs etc all have value for parts in the worst case.

Some work done -some still to do.  This is not a hard thing to fix in the world of weld fixes.

Way better trunk floor than I’ve seen elsewhere.

So there you have it -probably the cheapest Sprint I will write about this year at $1500.  Go on -you know you want it!


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