Market 235: Perfect project, 750D Spider

Update 7/26/10: 34 bids, $12,100 result.  About right for this car.  Hopefully on its way to a loving new home!

Giulietta Spider 750D 1495*03571, 1315*41225 (originally 43319). This  black plate, early 1958 car is on eBay right now out of southern California.  Original color looks to have been Celeste (light blue), a favorite of many on these early cars.  Condition is as good as one could ask for in a starting point project car to fully restore.

This car reminds me a lot of the subject of Market 120. While this is a fantastic starting point restoration candidate -one should be tempted to leave it alone and just make it work for now. Nose bump is very pronounced on this car.  Hood fits pretty good. Follow up pictures show some poor repairs in the lower areas of the nose but nothing horrible.

I wonder if this could wet-sanded to reveal the original paint?  Note how well the door fits. Also looks like a period Raydyot  race mirror.

Back is pretty good too.  Original color is on the dash.

Another nice shut line.  Body is pretty good.

Almost looks like the silver is from a rattle can!  Trunk is very solid with only some light repairs needed in the extreme corners.

Hello, My Name Is…

Oops, not the original engine -oh well.

This is one of those cars that you wish would fall into your lap and when you get tired of waiting for that to happen you bite the bullet and buy it on eBay.  Value?  While it is very original and complete it’s needs are not cheap… we’ll see.  It has a lot going for it.

Check out the Bringatrailer write up for more.


4 thoughts on “Market 235: Perfect project, 750D Spider

  1. I have a 61 transitional 1300 with matching numbers. It is now almost 25 years since it had a restoration to nice but not show quality. It is showing its age a little now and need some minor body work but she still runs and drives very nicely. In the summer and Fall it is a daily driver and gets lots of thumbs up from passing petrolheads. On long trips I do find it underpowered although a steady 70/75 is no problem, and I miss having a five speed. However One thing I will not do is upgrade it, as they are becoming so hard to find that it is more valuable to keep it stock than to make it go faster.

  2. Los Osos is not the driest place to store a car. Most of the ones that live there have visible rust (even on the newer cars). Its usually foggy and cool, since the ocean is right there. If this car has been kept in doors it might be ok, but if its been sitting out, it could have some rust that doesn’t show in the pics. Still, not a bad car to start with if its solid.


  3. The car was moved to Los Osos in the last month . The prior eight years it was in a steel weather tight barn on a vineyard 15 miles inland about a 1000 feet above sea level. It looks like it is going home to Italy.

  4. Coming home with me to the Bay Area. Tracked down the second (last-registered) owner, also in the Bay Area. Will be well-loved.

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