Market 234: Spider 750D in San Diego

Update 7/19/10: This car has sold for $5350 with 22 bids.  Sounds cheap but when you start adding up the hours and parts to make it decent you toe the break even line the whole way.

Giulietta Spider 750D 1495*05223. This car is available now on eBay out of San Diego.  Someone took a crusty project and threw a coat of resale red on it -someone with the right skill set could probably pay themselves a modest hourly wage to finish this up on the cheap for the second round of resale.

Ah the pretty pretty red, too bad there is close to zero possibility of giving this car all it needs and not having to do a bunch of touch up or repaint.  This is what the suspension does when it’s original and the engine is out.  Windshield is partially present.

All in all it’s not all that bad from the outside.  Note the single Borrani steel back here. Door and trunk shut lines are above average -probably because they were not removed for paint.

Another decent shut line here.  Bumper and tail light trim rings most likely need paint, but are good enough for a scrappy driver.

Tonsils look good.  The engine compartment will take a lot to be nice, but most of this stuff has to be touched to get this car on the road anyway.  Just make sure the time is taken to color match it to the body.

That break in the wheel can be fixed.  Gauges may be okay with new inserts.  Re-silver the mirror and polish everything and you may be surprised.  I see a correct seat track knob.

This looks horrible but this area is a common water trap area -especially if something that trapped moisture against the floor was sitting on the metal.  This area behind the driver on this car has been repaired.  This is not a hard fix if isolated but could be indicative of a lot more rust and with new red paint you may have a hard time identifying other problematic areas.

This car is missing its engine but a few parts come with it that are shown in the other pictures.  If you are local to it and fancy one of these as a project then maybe this is for you.


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