Writing help wanted!

I’ve had a busy month and can sense things ramping up for more engagement with my new job.  In order for Giuliettas.com to carry on with the same amount of content you all have grown accustomed to over the last two years I need some help.  What do I need?  Mostly someone who is comfortable with the idea of writing Market Reports, but any writing appropriate to the theme of the site would be welcome.  It doesn’t pay anything but it’s neat to see your words out there and interact with readers.  Email me at sprints @ giuliettas dot com if you are interested.

Note the gas tank!


1 thought on “Writing help wanted!

  1. Dear Matt,
    At some point and in suprizing ways your work here will reward you, as has bringing back to life an old instrument gage from the grave or welding in new panels has. I sense an author-in-caterpillar thing.
    ClassicCartel just doesn’t have quite the same focus precisely because it dosn’t reflect a driving voice of its own…
    I thank you for your efforts. It reminds me a bit of my treasured John deBoer 1984 edition of Italian Car Numbers, a work in part born of love of detail which contributed to a shift of career and fame.

    My 2-cent.

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