Market 233: 57 Spider Project

Giulietta Spider 750D 1495*01440, 1315*41401. This car is on Craigslist right now out of Portland Oregon.  Condition is above average for the $5000 base price considering it comes with about thousands in new and used parts gathered.  Seller says it goes for the highest offer over $5000 on August first.

Spend a couple of months chopping on it to install a V8 and voila!- you have a $2500 car.  Hood is not bolted down -nose looks to have been punched once upon a time.

Not bad at all.

Seats in this good of condition for an early Spider are difficult to find.

The work of engine removal has been done -hopefully all the nuts and bolts are in labeled bags.

I think $5000 would be a great buy and realistically this could see $10K.  It’s not eBay though so we’ll never know.  As always -ask for underside pictures to gauge the rust situation.


2 thoughts on “Market 233: 57 Spider Project

  1. First time on this website which I found just by accident looking for a Giulietta spider windshield. I’m an Australian enthusiast & I now own the Giulietta referred to in your ‘Market 233’. It has a few rust issues but quite repairable & overall I’m very happy with it. For me, the main clincher in buying it & shipping it “down under” was the large quantity of spare parts included which also included a bunch of Veloce items, Webers,manifolds, oil pans, headers, lots of gauges, bumpers & more, it was quite a package, all came nicely packed & labelled. I also have a very nice original running driving 750D. This is the car I’m chasing a windshield for due to wiper burns. Can anyone give me the windshield glass part number for a 750D spider & perhaps direct me to a reasonably priced source for a new one in USA or Australia ??? Thanks.

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