Market 232: VSCCA 101 1300 Spider

Update 7/26/10: 2 bids, $33,000 selling price.  Not bad.

Giulietta Spider 10104 1495*09366. This Spider racer is for sale on eBay right now out of Putnam Valley, New York.  Seller states it has a VSCCA log book, runs great and is ready for action.  Price is a little higher than I would think but it is rust free and race engines are expensive to build well, so maybe the $35K option will be exercised.

Red on green is always a good look. This car is very low.  I like the grill bars only look.

Door fit is nice.  This is an acceptable number of decals.

Trunk fit is excellent.

Is that a vapor canister?  Fuel cell placement under the trunk floor is optimum since it gets the center of gravity as low as possible.

Looks like a mix of early and late gauges.  I’d have expected racier seats.

All the trick stuff and on a correct 1300.

That oil set up is trick.  Is that a cooler on the firewall?  Nice headers too.

If you want to take a Giulietta Spider racing and prefer the turn-key approach to things, than this might be just what you need!


2 thoughts on “Market 232: VSCCA 101 1300 Spider

  1. Hi Folks,
    The old guys in the 1958 founded Vintage Sports Car Club of America (oldest vintage racing club in America)like their cars period SCCA preparation pre 1960 They require that the interiors not be totally gutted. like carpets! They like the bumpers and chrome trim on too. This car has a proper looking 101 1300 looking motor but bet it has Centerline or some other 1400cc kit. I like the fresh air directed to the sock covered velocity stacks. i have had a catistophic blow up and a broken crank – but never had oil pressure problems that would warrant abandoning my Veloce sump. Bet there is an MSD box hidden behind the glove box

  2. The tank on the firewall is likely an Accusump. Its a pressurized oil tank that feeds oil into the engine should there be a low oil pressure issue (such as start up or oil pump failure, starvation through a corner ect.) This is a very nice car. Seems well thought out with some good features.


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