Market 231: new second rustiest Spider 750D

Giulietta Spider 750D 1495*06844, 1315*45467. Gullwing Motor Cars in Astoria New York is offering this hedge/bog find Giulietta Spider right now for $4950.  The rust situation with this car is palpable and even the most optimistically rigorous DIYer should be taken aback.  The good: very complete, super low miles (assuming the speedometer was functional for every mile the car traveled), one owner (who is culpable in the death of this car)… the bad: pretty much everything.

I wonder if pulling a car like this from its resting place would be considered grave robbery… sand blasting may result in this cars disappearance.

You’re looking at this thing thinking: what is it good for?  As parts it’s unexciting -except if the engine is really a 750 series that turns over and has 29K miles.  Note the absence of a lower valence below the rear bumper.  Tail light lenses look good from here.

Even decent Spider projects typically need at least a partial floor.  This will need more.

Seats and seat tracks will be unusable.  Kind of a shame really, if someone had found it a dry place to slumber it would probably be a doable project with a nose poke to fix.

There is definitely some value under here.  If the crank and head were untouched 29K items they would be worth decent money… not enough to warrant buying the whole car unless you really needed them.

You can call me…

I have an idea… the Discovery channel or Practical Classics or Speed or someone else who likes to wow audiences with a hearty showcase of someones DIY skills should get this car and do a season of a show in which it’s brought back to life.  The welding episodes alone would be epic.  I know, ha ha, yeah right…


2 thoughts on “Market 231: new second rustiest Spider 750D

  1. this car would make a nice water feature as yard art. i can’t believe someone would actually ask money for this rust bucket, or for that matter than someone would shell money out for it.

    makes my 65 Giulia spider look like a trailer queen

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