Market 214: 1600 Spider rolling restoration

Update 7/26/10: This car has had a string of unsuccessful runs on eBay the last few weeks -the latest seeing bidding hit $10,850 with reserve not met.  I’d have a hard time swallowing a $3100 loss too…

Update 7/1/10: This Spider finds itself back on eBay after a few weeks vacation in Santa Barbara.  Assuming the full price of $12,850 was paid and it was shipped out to California -I will guess the new reserve is about $14,000 -a tough sell but may be doable.

Looking about the same as before.

Update 5/10/10: I should get paid to do this.  As I predicted it sold for slightly more than the AlfaBB asking after a run through eBay.  $12,850 with  30 bids.  Well Sold and if the engine is put together competently well bought.

Update 5/3/10: This car is now on eBay which means there is a finite amount of time before it is sold.  That’s the beauty of eBay -unless you screw it up by starting too high or having an unrealistic reserve, your car is going to sell.

A little leg never hurt a picture of a car.

Giulia 1600 Spider 10123*372577, 00112*00584. This car is available for $12,500 out of Arlington VA of on the Alfa BB.  Seller is a well known AROC guy who has several other Alfas and seems to know his stuff where these cars are concerned.  Car is a runner/driver and, while quality paint before reassembly seems like a good idea, one could probably just throw it together and start using it if  cosmetics were not an issue.

Nose has been replaced but doesn’t look too bad here.  Would be a decent ‘driver’ quality car if all this trim was bolted on.

Stance is good, door and hood fit is too.  Several reds to be seen.  Looks kind of odd with the masking behind the headlight openings.

A few more reds.  Trunk fit is not bad… I really would consider just rolling with it as is for a while, fix the bugs, get used to it, then consider going forward with paint/chrome/polishing and the like.

Text: “I’ve been working on my 1962 Giulia Spider. While I worked, I’d like to think, it has become more valuable. After all, a red with black interior 1964 “normale,” this car’s virtual twin, sold at an auction for $82,500 this winter! I am not making that up… see 1964 Alfa Romeo Giulia Series 101 Images, Information and History |

I was looking to get more from my car than I have in it but would sell it to a fellow Alfa fan right now for $12,500. That is $70,000 less than the Gooding car so it’d be hard for a buyer to lose, right? Realistically… I and others who follow the Alfa market know that this is more likely to be a $30-35,000 car when finished. But, you still have lots of wiggle room to come out ahead.

As the photos show, I have improved, but not perfected, the car’s cosmetics. It is a very straight car, especially from the front wheels back. The nose was replaced with one that is now itself damaged; it could probably be salvaged but a replacement (e.g. from Wolf Steel) might be a good option too. The passenger door and most of the area behind it is original factory paint! It’s not salvagable but it is cool to document the car’s originality. Check out the rocker panels even, only the repainted part at the passenger front had rust damage. Tons of photos of the car as it is and while I worked on it are at Alfa-Base :: 1962 Giulia Spider project car, 2008-2009.

The engine was professionally rebuilt, and it and the tranny reinstalled last year. The brakes, fuel and cooling systems were overhauled then too.

Everything you see is included for $12,500 except the spare rear bumper ($1,000 extra). I have or can find the few missing pieces (one Pininfarina badge, driver door handle, 1600 badge). Missing are the soft top (frame is there), choke and hand brake cables, hood hinges, end piece for the original rear bumper, and air cleaner. Not much else! Gas tank boiled and painted, trunk rust repaired. There is rust to repair on the front inner rockers and a small bit at the driver’s heel. Compared to most this car has very little rust, mainly because it was off the road from 1979 to 2009! Garaged and well kept.

Interior is mostly present too. The seats have turned crunchy and the carpets and dash cover are missing.

The car starts and runs very well, and is strong. Steering is a little stiff sometimes, otherwise the car drives brilliantly. It does pop out of gear in reverse only if you don’t hold the shifter down.

This is a lot of car for $12.500. That is my absolute bottom line price. I am confident it will pull that or more on e-Bay and I plan to list it there by the end of April if someone does not jump on it before then.

While this car is drivable, the headlights are not installed and it has only been driven lightly since the work was done, so prudence would be to truck it.

I welcome any questions!

Brewster Thackeray
Arlington VA

All funds from the sale of this car will be used to finish the restoration of my 1961 Giulietta.”

California car or California sourced bumper complete w/ license plate?  Drivers side tail light looks a little crooked.

They call this stuff rust.  It’s not an unusual occurance on these cars -even the best of them have a little.  Some patching to do – but nothing horrible.

There is some tidying to do under here, but it’ll do the job.

Engine compartment looked great before the engine went in.  I guess this car has to be red.

Engine is said to be professionally rebuilt and seen little use.  Looks decent in here.

Hello my name is…

Interior looks fine.  Gauges aren’t bad, steering wheel, horn button, dash nosing etc looks great.  There is a picture of the rear view mirror in the Flickr set and it looks very nice too -ready to bolt on.

$12,500 seems like a pretty reasonable deal for a driver restoration candidate that has only light rust, a rebuilt engine and all the parts needed to be whole.  Seller says he will list it on eBay if it doesn’t sell by the end of this month.  If he does I anticipate a result slightly higher than $12,500.

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5 thoughts on “Market 214: 1600 Spider rolling restoration

  1. The babe is a distraction to the sale. I can not focus on the car when there are such gentle, and suggestive, distracting photos of a woman in a short red dress and stilleto’s. Great legs may I add. The car is worth $10M.

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