Market 229: Another day, another Spider Veloce

Giulia Spider Veloce 10118*390171. Doing a thus-far unsuccessful tour of eBay right now is this good looking example of the late 1600 Spider Veloce.  There is some almost humorous dialog in the Q & A section surrounding the as yet undisclosed engine number and for good reason -without the original engine and with other vagueness such as the lack of underside pictures, the $35K opening bid may be a little too much in my opinion.

Oh boy -a slightly blurry picture of a nice looking red car in the sun -panel fit of course looks great. I am not sure but I think this car has Fergat’s on the front and Borrani’s on the back -not the end of the world but worthy of giving pause -especially if the seller never noticed.

Yeah, pretty sure that’s a Borrani back here.  Good looking car.

Baby’s got back.  All red tail light lenses are a good sign -usually dolled up cars have the new amber top lenses.  Chrome looks okay too.

Fergat at this corner.  Rear view mirror is from an earlier Spider 1300.  Grill bling is good.

The several thousand dollar question: is this the original engine?  Several questions have been asked about it and the seller is unable to find it.  Bid like it’s not since the valve cover is red and lacks the dents it should have to clear the intake.

Ehh.  At least it’s red.

Decent if not downright nice.

What do you think?  I think the engine number needs to be settled and underside pictures posted before anyone’s going to bid.


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